Monday, June 10, 2013


Makaha has a population of less than 8000 people so not many take the area or the people into serious consideration. And yet many know that this point and the point across the mountains on the North Shore have been kept apart for too long. (Honolulu and the Rail Party)

"The truth will make you free, but first it will make you miserable."

The original settlers of Makaha were the Native Hawaiians. They indulged in agriculture and fishing and Mahaka valley was known as an ahupua'a. The Oahu Railway and Land Company started in the 1880's due to the effort of Benjamin Franklin Dillingham. And during World War II, ammunition was stored in Makaha. And this area was never seriously considered as a place to live by the ones in charge.

"Psychotic Reaction" by Count Five

Makaha Transportation is the worst on this Island and who cares? The #40 bus is the most overworked bus on these Islands and quite a come down from the days of Frank Fasi, but he was for the people. The "C" bus was nice even a year ago and then the Rail Tragedy people got control. Old ladies standing up all the way to town. Auwe! The number #93 bus is still a beautiful existing dream and it could have been the answer. However the Rail Crisis people will soon put a stop to that.

"I'll Remember You" by Don Ho

Meanwhile people up and down the Waianae Coast are seeking alternate methods of transportation and leaving the Rail Calamity to those that have no choice. How about $300 per month parking permit at the Rail Stations? He He, those people know where their big buck profits are coming from.

They are hoping to do something on that side of the island that cannot be done on this side. Plenty dancers and some dance organizing. Let's give them all the help we can.

The racial makeup is about 40% of mixed, two or more races and 20% of Pacific Islanders. Nice local group. Close to 20% Haole and less than 18% Latino (higher than most places.) And over 20% of the population were below the poverty line. Anybody want to dance? They will have to go to Waianae.

Keep the Rail Crooks out of it, let the people from the Waianae Coast and the North Shore connect and this entire island would bloom with "third city." Not in my lifetime.