Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Town Weekend

We don't have anything like it here on the Waianae Coast so I must go to town. It requires a big preparation because now that the Rail Disaster people have taken over the bus system, everything is mess. And nobody cares. Old ladies riding standing up from Waianae to town, auwe, disgraceful, should be illegal.

“In these times of deceit telling the truth is a revolutionary act.”

So, Friday, I must prepare to get the "C" that will take me to town. If I make the right connection I can take the #13 that will take me right to the gates of the Ala Wai Golf Course on Kapahulu Ave. Hawaii Ballroom Dance Association is having an Ohana dance and I hope to get some photos and a write up for one of my blogs.

I must go early enough to get four or five photos and then get the #13 back before 8 pm. If I make it to Ala Moana, I can get the last "C" bus back to Nanakuli that leaves at 8:35 pm. Fortunately there are a couple of other buses that will get me to Ala Moana in time. I could probably be back home before 10 pm.
"Hit The Road Jack" by Ray Charles

If not I must take the #40 bus and that takes about 15 hours to get to the Waianae Coast and it is packed to the gills. The bus drivers frequently have to stand up to tell everyone, "Please move back folks, I gotta get five more people in here I don't want to them to wait for the next bus." Ladies with sleeping kids in their arms. But the Rail Tragedy profits mean a lot to those people and they are running the city now.

Saturday Night is a little easier, I will not have to take my bike. I can get the C bus early and get off at Puuhale and Dillingham. A short four block walk to Puuhale School and Dance Hawaii is having a Social Dance at the Cafeteria. Same thing, get some photos, a couple quotes to make a nice write up for the Oahu West blog. Then take a walk back to Puuhale and Dillingham and get there before nine, for the last C bus to the Waianae Coast and hope I can get a seat.
The Rail Tragedy Golden Rule: "He who has the gold,
makes the rules."