Sunday, April 7, 2013

The Extension

It is moving slowly but by itself it is not doing too bad. So far the Southern end of Nanakuli seems to be centered in the Nanakuli Intermediate and High Schools. So I will have to look into that sector for the next blog.

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I found Lualualei Lions Club but they meet in Waianae. Then I found Lualualei Honolulu Civic Club but they also meet in Waianae. And of course there is plenty of action in Waianae and even Makaha.
I will take my time. If anyone here wants in, all they have to do is contact me. I am optimistic.

Zumba seems to have disappears and it remains at the WCCH only. The Caldwell administration is messing up the bus situation and making it worse. Old ladies standing from Waianae to town. Auwe. But the big bucks in profits from the Rail are what matter to them and Caldwell was elected by the Rail party by lying about one of the most honest politicians we have ever had.

Ju$t a few of the$e for the "C" and the #40 buse$, and
no need rail. Instead of parking at the rail $tation, I coulda
got da bu$ where I always$ got it, right around the corner.
Yes, we know, its the bread, Fred.

Rents going up and more places are empty. Gotta pay for the rail. Auto repair shops working overtime, to get old clunkers running. Beats riding those "cattle cars" that are passing for buses. Have you seen the #40? People getting out (minimum pay jobs) all tired out in the evening and have to ride standing up from town all the way back home on the Waianae Coast. Criminal!

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