Friday, April 26, 2013

Hits Going Up

This is unbelievable. I think most of the hits are coming from our good old Nanakuli neighbors. Now we are getting more interest in Southern Nanakuli and Lualualei and we will continue to promote these areas. However this a blog not a Web site and that requires a two way conversation and sharing of thoughts and opinions among us all. Those that rather keep it "private" should do as they please, but we invite all the others to join us in sharing our neighborhood, that's where we all live.

"Govern your life and thoughts as if the whole world
were to see the one, and read the other."

Lunch on Nanakuli Beach.

I had to give up when I couldn't make neighbor contact. Everyone thought I was selling something. I was, but nothing that was going to cost them money. We will all have to be patient. Perhaps by next year we can have something going that resembles a real blog as social media. The eating places will have their say along with all the other commercial and non commercial sectors.

The purtiest beach park on the Waianae Coast. Maili Beach Park

I am still in the process of getting rid of an excellent laptop computer with Vista Operating System on it, in perfect condition. I tried to get rid of it using several methods, and finally decided on the lottery which is in all the other blogs. Most people must think I am kidding. So I added a new feature. You want business you shall have business and I am an expert.

"Tiny Bubbles" by Don Ho

The laptop is for sale now at 480 dollars and will drop it to 470 dollars. I have in effect "high balled" all the wheeler dealers in the area and that puts me in control.  I will get some offers and I will know how to handle them. Will it drop further? Probably! Meanwhile anyone that has the winning number in the last digits of your Social Security Number can have it. First come, first served.