Sunday, March 24, 2013


Yes, the new name seems to be having a positive effect. Nanakuli Range was just not ready for a blog. Too many thought there was some money making deal  behind it. Don't blame them, that  is what marketing is considered nowadays. Old fashioned selling is no more. The present day selling game is too much of a con job. But we are getting many readers in the rest of the blogs and some are even beginning to think in terms of social media.

"The person who buries the Truth in the ground for
safekeeping will lose it, while the one who does something
with the Truth will receive more Truth. This is why some
grow spiritually and some do not."

The Old Rail Tracks, still there.
Needless to say, the Waianae Coastline is breathtaking with clear blue oceans to lush valleys and the most beautiful and varied sunsets in existence. Truly, the West Coast of Oahu is a local area with living the simple life with many beach parks filled with family and friends having beach parties for the baby's first birthday luau or just to get together. Definitely a place minus the hustle and bustle of city life.

As any other state in the nation transportation evolved from saddle to wheeled carriage and eventually to steamer that left each Friday from Honolulu to Waianae Coast and Waialua on the North Shore. In the 1890s they began the railroads going to Pearl City and then extending to the Waianae Coast. These lasted until 1947.

The "shortie" bus, a God Send for many in those days.
After the War, too many had discovered the difference of the humbug of going to a train station or getting a bus right around the corner from where you lived. The buses were in and the rail had to stop functioning.

Then the Articulated bus arrived. Great! the #1 and #2 lines working good, just need more of them. The A and C buses working great, and the 42 terrific. Just need more of them. But the Caldwell Administration found out they were working too well and is cutting them back. He was elected by the Rail Party.

The new Rail Political Machine now rules Oahu and there is big big money the Rail Tragedy. Already we are spending a half million dollars per day and we have just started. You ain't seen nuttin yet. Original estimates were five billion, now they admit if may be eight billion. And did someone say ten billion? Hey, this is easy money.

Then we had the bigger back up, the Bi-Articulated bus. Just one in the AM,  Ko-Olina Resort to Kapiolani Park and park it there. Then back to Ko-Olina Resort in the PM. The users do not need a rail di$a$ter but you know who need$ it.