Sunday, March 10, 2013

The Waianae Coast

Nanakuli Ridge will now slow down to one post per week, every Sunday. There may another post on Wednesday or Thursday in the Mini Web sites of the Ewa Bus Stop blog. It will be that way until the end of March then come down to perhaps twice per month. Meanwhile, the action on the Ewa Bus Stop blog is moving along very nicely, many are picking up on this blog action. We shall play it by ear.

"God offers to every mind its choice between truth and repose.
Take which you please; you can never have both."

And the Bus Tragedy gets worse.
The #40 bus is still the work horse from town to Makaha. Packed to the gills every night. People tired from work in town must ride standing up all the way to Waianae. Just because the city needs the money for the Rail Disaster. Would help if the A bus went all the way to Kapolei.

Industrial Park in Waianae, light industry. Voted down by the Rail people. 1000 less cars on the freeway to town, 1000 less cars in Honolulu traffic and 1000 less cars coming back. No need Rail Mess, and I coulda been home in twenty minutes. Yes, I know, it's the cash, Nash.

Meanwhile, the hover craft auto is looming. Some of the planners would have an off ramp in Waianae, Maili and Nanakuli. You can drive from your home to the ramp, and ride the hovercraft, non-stop, all the way to Honolulu. No Rail, and no freeway either. Something has got to be done to avoid this Rail Misfortune, auto sales are already going up. The most horrible thing to happen to this entire State. Don't kid yourself the neighbor islands gotta pay too.

More articulated buses would have done most of it. but these bi-articulated buses
would be 10 times cheaper than the Rail Tragedy and five times more efficient.

Then they are still working on the self driving cars and could be ready by next year. Anything to avoid going to a rail station and trying to find parking and oh the humbug.  An articulated bus I can get right around the corner like always. Just need more of them. Can't afford them? But you can afford the rail crap that is not needed. May I repeat that? It is not needed, not by the users anyway. Yes, I know, it's the dough, Flo. Billions of dollars in profits.

Our legislators are trying to do their best, they just don't know enough about the rail mess and they get some of their money from the big profiteers. The biggest scam ever perpetrated on the citizens of this community. We have to help more people like Ann Kobayashi on the City Council, she is one of the few that cannot be bought.

"It's not a matter of what is true that counts but a matter of what is perceived to be true."