Sunday, March 31, 2013

The Beginning

Not really bad, the hits stayed right up there and perhaps went up a little. The blog may be getting some recognition on the other end of Nanakuli and of course, there is Lualualei and Maili.
"Sometimes the majority only means that all the fools
were on the same side."

Maili has just about the best beach park on the Waianae Coast. They could improve the Nanakuli Coast but not many know what to do or how to do it. Does anyone know what would happen if they dumped two hundred old car bodies into Nanakuli  Bay? About three or four hundred feet out and which is over 100 feet deep by then. First it would just naturally accumulate more fish. But there is more to it than that.

Just 20 of these from the Waianae Coast and not many people
would need to drive to town, if they could just sit down. But
the Caldwell administration hasn't got a clue of what
 the seats on a bus are supposed to be used for.

There may be someone who will see the solution. The rents are going up to pay for the Rail Tragedy and of course not doing any good for anyone. The Hair Salon down the street just gave up and left. More empty spaces on the Coast don't give us good news. The auto repair shops are going full blast. Everyone trying to avoid the terrible bus conditions from the Caldwell administration.

Just a few Industrial Parks on the Waianae Coast and all the
way to Waipahu. The freeways would be empty and no
congestion in downtown traffic. The Rail People said no, naturally. And I coulda been home in twenty minutes.

Walgreens that was going to be built in Nanakuli has been put on hold. Same as many places in Kapolei. So the Rail Catastrophe is spreading out all the way to Makaha. There has been some talk of a small industrial park but of course the Rail People will kill it. The have to find all ways to force people onto the Rail Disaster. And at the same time have been trying to convince us of the "need."

The Bi-Articulated bus, (two tandems) just waiting in case you ever need them. But we would avoid the rail disaster.

The top man makes more money than the Mayor and the Governor put together. Those are the real masters of deceit. His staff makes more that three million per year in salaries and the city is paying for it right now. So how do you like  them potatoes? There are billions and billions of dollars in pure profits to be made. Lucky we are all rich in Hawaii.