Sunday, March 31, 2013

The Beginning

Not really bad, the hits stayed right up there and perhaps went up a little. The blog may be getting some recognition on the other end of Nanakuli and of course, there is Lualualei and Maili.
"Sometimes the majority only means that all the fools
were on the same side."

Maili has just about the best beach park on the Waianae Coast. They could improve the Nanakuli Coast but not many know what to do or how to do it. Does anyone know what would happen if they dumped two hundred old car bodies into Nanakuli  Bay? About three or four hundred feet out and which is over 100 feet deep by then. First it would just naturally accumulate more fish. But there is more to it than that.

Just 20 of these from the Waianae Coast and not many people
would need to drive to town, if they could just sit down. But
the Caldwell administration hasn't got a clue of what
 the seats on a bus are supposed to be used for.

There may be someone who will see the solution. The rents are going up to pay for the Rail Tragedy and of course not doing any good for anyone. The Hair Salon down the street just gave up and left. More empty spaces on the Coast don't give us good news. The auto repair shops are going full blast. Everyone trying to avoid the terrible bus conditions from the Caldwell administration.

Just a few Industrial Parks on the Waianae Coast and all the
way to Waipahu. The freeways would be empty and no
congestion in downtown traffic. The Rail People said no, naturally. And I coulda been home in twenty minutes.

Walgreens that was going to be built in Nanakuli has been put on hold. Same as many places in Kapolei. So the Rail Catastrophe is spreading out all the way to Makaha. There has been some talk of a small industrial park but of course the Rail People will kill it. The have to find all ways to force people onto the Rail Disaster. And at the same time have been trying to convince us of the "need."

The Bi-Articulated bus, (two tandems) just waiting in case you ever need them. But we would avoid the rail disaster.

The top man makes more money than the Mayor and the Governor put together. Those are the real masters of deceit. His staff makes more that three million per year in salaries and the city is paying for it right now. So how do you like  them potatoes? There are billions and billions of dollars in pure profits to be made. Lucky we are all rich in Hawaii.

Sunday, March 24, 2013


Yes, the new name seems to be having a positive effect. Nanakuli Range was just not ready for a blog. Too many thought there was some money making deal  behind it. Don't blame them, that  is what marketing is considered nowadays. Old fashioned selling is no more. The present day selling game is too much of a con job. But we are getting many readers in the rest of the blogs and some are even beginning to think in terms of social media.

"The person who buries the Truth in the ground for
safekeeping will lose it, while the one who does something
with the Truth will receive more Truth. This is why some
grow spiritually and some do not."

The Old Rail Tracks, still there.
Needless to say, the Waianae Coastline is breathtaking with clear blue oceans to lush valleys and the most beautiful and varied sunsets in existence. Truly, the West Coast of Oahu is a local area with living the simple life with many beach parks filled with family and friends having beach parties for the baby's first birthday luau or just to get together. Definitely a place minus the hustle and bustle of city life.

As any other state in the nation transportation evolved from saddle to wheeled carriage and eventually to steamer that left each Friday from Honolulu to Waianae Coast and Waialua on the North Shore. In the 1890s they began the railroads going to Pearl City and then extending to the Waianae Coast. These lasted until 1947.

The "shortie" bus, a God Send for many in those days.
After the War, too many had discovered the difference of the humbug of going to a train station or getting a bus right around the corner from where you lived. The buses were in and the rail had to stop functioning.

Then the Articulated bus arrived. Great! the #1 and #2 lines working good, just need more of them. The A and C buses working great, and the 42 terrific. Just need more of them. But the Caldwell Administration found out they were working too well and is cutting them back. He was elected by the Rail Party.

The new Rail Political Machine now rules Oahu and there is big big money the Rail Tragedy. Already we are spending a half million dollars per day and we have just started. You ain't seen nuttin yet. Original estimates were five billion, now they admit if may be eight billion. And did someone say ten billion? Hey, this is easy money.

Then we had the bigger back up, the Bi-Articulated bus. Just one in the AM,  Ko-Olina Resort to Kapiolani Park and park it there. Then back to Ko-Olina Resort in the PM. The users do not need a rail di$a$ter but you know who need$ it.


Sunday, March 17, 2013


I have just been letting this blog go and see where it will go. The people along the Coast seem to be laid back but most are well aware of their surroundings. Tamura Super Market, Longs and City Mill are very good anchors for business on the Coast. The hits on this blog have been very low but holding steady.

"Truth - First they ignore it, then they laugh at it, then they say they knew it all along."

The anchors are supplemented very nicely by Sack N Save in Nanakuli. And in the plan is a Walgreens in Nanakuli but we do not know what effect the Rail Disaster is going to have on those plans.  The rich complain that it will be lots of minimum wage money and very few are aware that minimum wage on the Waianae Coast is worth ten times what it is worth in the city.

The Caldwell bus administration is still going the course, - cutting down the buses  and cut down the present bus maintenance department to one half. Then easy to eliminate and get the imported high priced Rail Fiasco people in.

With enough of these, there would be no need for rail disasters
or rail stations and "I coulda got the bus right around the corner where I always got it." Yes, I know, it's the dough, Flo.
Big Profits in Rail Tragedies.

Dancers are fortunate that one of the best dance floors in the West is already installed at the Waianae District Park. Unfortunately no one knows if those floors have ever been used for dancing. With the right club of dancers and the right connections, it could be the center of dancing on the Waianae Coast.

"Que Seas Feliz" by Luis Miguel

For the moment, the best dancing attraction remains the Kapolei Chapter HBDA with classes at the Kapolei Elementary School on Monday nights. Their socials at the end of each quarter are getting better known throughout the islands. Their Web site has double the hits of any other Dance Web site on these Islands.

Meth addiction is a serious blight on the Waianae Coast. The Hawaii Meth Project, a statewide program aimed at reducing first-time meth use through public service messages, public policy and community outreach is working hard to combat the use of meth among youth.

They do not offer treatment for addicts but emphasize the importance of shaping public policy and the perception of crystal methamphetamine. In time perhaps their message will reach the addicts and make a difference

Pub's Side Note: Just discovered in Waianae. You don't have to pay $3 to have your shirt laundered etc. Just donate it to the Salvation Army, they clean it and put it on hanger and you can buy it back for a buck.

Sunday, March 10, 2013

The Waianae Coast

Nanakuli Ridge will now slow down to one post per week, every Sunday. There may another post on Wednesday or Thursday in the Mini Web sites of the Ewa Bus Stop blog. It will be that way until the end of March then come down to perhaps twice per month. Meanwhile, the action on the Ewa Bus Stop blog is moving along very nicely, many are picking up on this blog action. We shall play it by ear.

"God offers to every mind its choice between truth and repose.
Take which you please; you can never have both."

And the Bus Tragedy gets worse.
The #40 bus is still the work horse from town to Makaha. Packed to the gills every night. People tired from work in town must ride standing up all the way to Waianae. Just because the city needs the money for the Rail Disaster. Would help if the A bus went all the way to Kapolei.

Industrial Park in Waianae, light industry. Voted down by the Rail people. 1000 less cars on the freeway to town, 1000 less cars in Honolulu traffic and 1000 less cars coming back. No need Rail Mess, and I coulda been home in twenty minutes. Yes, I know, it's the cash, Nash.

Meanwhile, the hover craft auto is looming. Some of the planners would have an off ramp in Waianae, Maili and Nanakuli. You can drive from your home to the ramp, and ride the hovercraft, non-stop, all the way to Honolulu. No Rail, and no freeway either. Something has got to be done to avoid this Rail Misfortune, auto sales are already going up. The most horrible thing to happen to this entire State. Don't kid yourself the neighbor islands gotta pay too.

More articulated buses would have done most of it. but these bi-articulated buses
would be 10 times cheaper than the Rail Tragedy and five times more efficient.

Then they are still working on the self driving cars and could be ready by next year. Anything to avoid going to a rail station and trying to find parking and oh the humbug.  An articulated bus I can get right around the corner like always. Just need more of them. Can't afford them? But you can afford the rail crap that is not needed. May I repeat that? It is not needed, not by the users anyway. Yes, I know, it's the dough, Flo. Billions of dollars in profits.

Our legislators are trying to do their best, they just don't know enough about the rail mess and they get some of their money from the big profiteers. The biggest scam ever perpetrated on the citizens of this community. We have to help more people like Ann Kobayashi on the City Council, she is one of the few that cannot be bought.

"It's not a matter of what is true that counts but a matter of what is perceived to be true."

Monday, March 4, 2013

Waianae Not So Bad

There seems to be a few sparks around, we are just going to have to play it by ear. I will be trying to get in contact with the West Side Story, the famous Waianae monthly publication. They have some very good news on the Waianae Coast. I would like to get a nice color poster to include in the side bar of this  blog.

"The truth that makes us free is always ticking away like a time-bomb
in the basement of everybody’s church."

Tamura's Market is another semi-monthly advertising sent out to the Waianae Coast. They have adhered to regular merchandising tactics instead of the old time, "whatever the market will bear." They have some good specials twice a month and can compete with anything that might come around to the Coast.

They have have tried dancing at Tacos and More but never enough publicity. And they couldn't inform me, I would have helped. They "coulda been a contendah." They have some the most edible Mexican food around.

"Morning Dew" by Melveen Leed

Meanwhile, the bus situation was supposed to have been bettered but I don't think so. The Rail Disaster people still think in terms of cattle cars and even our legislators have been convinced that it is the way of public transportation.  Wrong, wrong, wrong.

Not needed yet but get enough Articulated (one tandem) buses and
then after a year or so you might need a few of these.

Fasi had it right when all those nice buses were installed in the local areas. The #403 for example. The height of  efficiency when you have only one empty seat. But you see, bus seats were meant to be used. But he was thinking of the users of public transportation. The Rail Fiasco people think they should remove all the seats. The cattle can all ride standing up, less cost and you can use the money for the Rail Catastrophe profits. It's the loot, Klute.

Pub's Side Note: It is slowly forming all by itself, a new dance force, for Truth, Inclusion and Innovation and made "of the dancers, by the dancers and for the dancers." Let it roll!