Tuesday, February 12, 2013

The Expansion

The people we have come in contact with here in Nanakuli Ridge are fine people, they just are not that well acquainted with social media. If they think there is some gimmick to sell them, we cannot blame them. That is the current sales atmosphere and it is terrible. Web sites have to be paid for. Our type of blog sites are free. That is "no pay."

"Our business in life may not be to succeed,
but to continue to fail in good spirits."

So  we must be patient and let them slowly become aware of Social Media. Then they will know and come in willingly. For now, we must expand our visions and give others a chance to "try it out." It doesn't cost anything. Lualualei and the Southern part  of Nanakuli. There has to be somebody there that can understand this. We can probably squeeze Maili in too. They have some good social facilities.

"Opus No. 1" - Tommy Dorsey

Then of course we will be promoting the cultural dance function which will probably start with line dancing. Men of course will be the important ones. Not enough men in dancing? Everyone knows this. They do pretty well in Night Clubs and a night club may be coming soon.

Then the Rail is screwing up most sectors in the West, all the way up to Makaha. Prices are going way up to pay for the rail disaster. Business is slowing down because of the rail mess. The only ones that are really increasing business are the auto repair shops. People repairing their old clunkers, so that they cannot be forced to using the rail. And the Caldwell  administration is going to do their utmost to "force" the citizens of the West communities to use the rail. How's dat for a rail that is "needed?" Ha! Caldwell, PRP, Boylan and the rest are the real BS.

Pub's Side Note: For those of you interested in the live dance scene, two very prominent blogs are Honolulu Dance Guide and Rock And Jazz Hawaii.  Check them out.