Monday, February 18, 2013

Last Chance

I don't know, and perhaps no one here cares but I had to post it one more time somewhere. It  is slow going and now that the rents on the Coast are going up (gotta pay for the rail) it is going to get worse. The Caldwell administration will see to that. The rail fiasco is turning up all over.

The Waianae Coast is a beautiful scenic tropical setting, gorgeous beaches, bountiful farms and gardens, fruitful country living; roosters, pigs, chickens, dogs, horses, cats, weekend yard sales, beach camping, family restaurants, local color and style and locals with loving hearts and aloha spirit but the dark side of Waianae overshadows the gracious charm of the community.

Drugs are still a problem and the Caldwell administration has completely screwed up the entire Bus system on this island because of the Rail Fiasco. Hopefully some people are finding the joys of moving to music and there are several places where people are learning to dance. Mostly youth. But there is another kind of dancing that is coming to the Waianae Coast sooner or later. Probably later. Meanwhile the plans remain to allow this blog to go into limbo while I work on the other blogs and get at least one independent.