Thursday, February 14, 2013

Falling Behind

So I have to up this blog to 3 per week same as the others and let the readers decide. I may have to go the entire Waianae Coast. Then I can include the Waianae Shopping Center and the Waianae District Park and Library. Perhaps that will do it. Of course, with a Guest Author it would  clinch it. Anyone out there?

Don't you wish there were a knob on the TV to turn up
the intelligence? There's one marked "Brightness,"
but it doesn't work.

Similar to a mainland urban ghetto, the small Waianae towns are peppered with convenience stores, liquor stores and fast food establishments. A couple of small Industrial Parks would do wonders for everyone. And "I coulda been home in 20 minutes." A well know saying on the Waianae Coast, specially now with the horrible bus destruction.

"Tiny Bubbles" - Don Ho

Drugs are somewhat interwoven into this landscape with methamphetamines ("ice") and marijuana being the preferred choice of self-destruction. "Waianae Chronics" is the moniker for the people trapped in this endless downward spiral. One of the locals explained that the drug is everything to a chronic and for it they forget their families, their children and they steal to support the habit. She said, "It’s all about the high." Fortunately, many are coming out with new efforts to stop this craziness.

Tamura Supermarket is an outstanding example of good business. Being so isolated on this Waianae Coast it had been customary to charge whatever the market would bear. Not them, they have good prices regularly and specials coming out semi-monthly. It is not so inviting for another super market to come in with low prices.

I have too many blogs and I need some help. I still plan on having Town Dancer being the first one to go independent. We just need another guest author to begin the process of phasing me outta there. Then I will have more time for the others. The Rail, "The confused confusion compound by the dirty crooks." Fortunately, more people are becoming aware that they are still part of the Caldwell deal.