Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Not Its Time

This blog did not make it, it just was not its time. So it will go into limbo perhaps one blog per week and check the hits. If and when it gets to less than ten average hits per day, it will be deleted. I have too many others to work on that have hits, otherwise I'm just beating my gums.

"We make our fortunes, and we call them fate."

light industry and wholesaling.
There are still some people that are working to get a small industrial building in Waianae. Like the one pictured. Would have about 1000 employees. This would mean 1000 less cars going to town, 1000 less cars in Honolulu traffic congestion and 1000 less cars coming back. Some would tell you that many of the jobs would be minimum wage.

But everyone in Waianae knows that minimum wage in Waianae is ten times better than minimum wage in town.  Furthermore, people coming to work in Waianae from down the coast would be on the free lanes going North in the morning. They would be going back home on the free lanes and every one would agree, "I coulda been home in twenty minutes."

"Let It Snow! Let It Snow! Let It Snow!" - Vaughn Monroe

Oahu - West blog is coming up pretty good in spite of the Rail disaster in that section. Business is having a tough time now, so they know it is going to be tougher later. The rents are going up on the Waianae Coast, gotta pay for the Rail catastrophe. So everybody voted for it, now they gotta pay through the nose. Meanwhile, those Rail Tragedy people are going to be making billions of dollars in pure profits.

Dancing as is known on the rest of the island will not be here until next year some time. We will all have to be patient. But some of you will be reading about it in the other blogs and we will be having a ball elsewhere.

Pub's Side Note: A dance blog is what all dance websites would like to be updated on a regular basis, containing content that is of interest to a select or target audience. Information easy to update and change. Our readers are gradually picking up on this action on the rest of the blogs.

Monday, February 18, 2013

Last Chance

I don't know, and perhaps no one here cares but I had to post it one more time somewhere. It  is slow going and now that the rents on the Coast are going up (gotta pay for the rail) it is going to get worse. The Caldwell administration will see to that. The rail fiasco is turning up all over.

The Waianae Coast is a beautiful scenic tropical setting, gorgeous beaches, bountiful farms and gardens, fruitful country living; roosters, pigs, chickens, dogs, horses, cats, weekend yard sales, beach camping, family restaurants, local color and style and locals with loving hearts and aloha spirit but the dark side of Waianae overshadows the gracious charm of the community.

Drugs are still a problem and the Caldwell administration has completely screwed up the entire Bus system on this island because of the Rail Fiasco. Hopefully some people are finding the joys of moving to music and there are several places where people are learning to dance. Mostly youth. But there is another kind of dancing that is coming to the Waianae Coast sooner or later. Probably later. Meanwhile the plans remain to allow this blog to go into limbo while I work on the other blogs and get at least one independent.


Thursday, February 14, 2013

Falling Behind

So I have to up this blog to 3 per week same as the others and let the readers decide. I may have to go the entire Waianae Coast. Then I can include the Waianae Shopping Center and the Waianae District Park and Library. Perhaps that will do it. Of course, with a Guest Author it would  clinch it. Anyone out there?

Don't you wish there were a knob on the TV to turn up
the intelligence? There's one marked "Brightness,"
but it doesn't work.

Similar to a mainland urban ghetto, the small Waianae towns are peppered with convenience stores, liquor stores and fast food establishments. A couple of small Industrial Parks would do wonders for everyone. And "I coulda been home in 20 minutes." A well know saying on the Waianae Coast, specially now with the horrible bus destruction.

"Tiny Bubbles" - Don Ho

Drugs are somewhat interwoven into this landscape with methamphetamines ("ice") and marijuana being the preferred choice of self-destruction. "Waianae Chronics" is the moniker for the people trapped in this endless downward spiral. One of the locals explained that the drug is everything to a chronic and for it they forget their families, their children and they steal to support the habit. She said, "It’s all about the high." Fortunately, many are coming out with new efforts to stop this craziness.

Tamura Supermarket is an outstanding example of good business. Being so isolated on this Waianae Coast it had been customary to charge whatever the market would bear. Not them, they have good prices regularly and specials coming out semi-monthly. It is not so inviting for another super market to come in with low prices.

I have too many blogs and I need some help. I still plan on having Town Dancer being the first one to go independent. We just need another guest author to begin the process of phasing me outta there. Then I will have more time for the others. The Rail, "The confused confusion compound by the dirty crooks." Fortunately, more people are becoming aware that they are still part of the Caldwell deal.


Tuesday, February 12, 2013

The Expansion

The people we have come in contact with here in Nanakuli Ridge are fine people, they just are not that well acquainted with social media. If they think there is some gimmick to sell them, we cannot blame them. That is the current sales atmosphere and it is terrible. Web sites have to be paid for. Our type of blog sites are free. That is "no pay."

"Our business in life may not be to succeed,
but to continue to fail in good spirits."

So  we must be patient and let them slowly become aware of Social Media. Then they will know and come in willingly. For now, we must expand our visions and give others a chance to "try it out." It doesn't cost anything. Lualualei and the Southern part  of Nanakuli. There has to be somebody there that can understand this. We can probably squeeze Maili in too. They have some good social facilities.

"Opus No. 1" - Tommy Dorsey

Then of course we will be promoting the cultural dance function which will probably start with line dancing. Men of course will be the important ones. Not enough men in dancing? Everyone knows this. They do pretty well in Night Clubs and a night club may be coming soon.

Then the Rail is screwing up most sectors in the West, all the way up to Makaha. Prices are going way up to pay for the rail disaster. Business is slowing down because of the rail mess. The only ones that are really increasing business are the auto repair shops. People repairing their old clunkers, so that they cannot be forced to using the rail. And the Caldwell  administration is going to do their utmost to "force" the citizens of the West communities to use the rail. How's dat for a rail that is "needed?" Ha! Caldwell, PRP, Boylan and the rest are the real BS.

Pub's Side Note: For those of you interested in the live dance scene, two very prominent blogs are Honolulu Dance Guide and Rock And Jazz Hawaii.  Check them out.

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

West Coast Awakens

Looks like there is a movement afoot to stop residential housing in the suburbs of this island unless there is adequate means of transportation. Some of our legislators are slowly discovering that a bedroom community only leads to disasters like the rail tragedy.

"There are no classes in life for beginners:
right away you are always asked to
 deal with what is most difficult."

The need for an industrial park in the Waianae Coast, the North Shore and the Windward side is becoming more evident. This is an urban island as much as the downtown people are trying to declare otherwise. With just those three at 2000 employees a piece would be 2000 less people on the freeways to town. 2000 less people in the congested downtown district and 2000 less people on the freeways home.

And everyone agrees, "I coulda been home in 20 minutes."
Minimum Wage? It is worth ten times more
in Waianae than in downtown Honolulu.

Not completely empty freeways but comfortable enough for those that "must" use their cars. With articulated buses in the rail corridor, the rail proves useless and a waste of money. Even today the #93 bus going to Makaha from downtown is faster than any rail that is contemplated. Only bad thing is more people are using this fast bus and it becomes standing room only when you have a "Shortie" bus. The wheels know this. Then Why? It's the money, Sonny, it's the dough, Flo. The Rail Catastrophy is Big Big Profits for somebody.

If half the fleet was articulated buses public transportation would be a breeze for citizens of this island. But of course, the greedy money makers would be out. Those crooks have taken over but the people will find out and they will be out, starting with Caldwell, White and Boylan. They have done it with lies, we shall do it with truths. And the truth will set us free.

Pub's Side Note: Ordinary Communication Media: To whom it may concern, one way, newsletters, email flyers, web sites. They do their job but nuttin' like a blog.