Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Oahu - West

It seems to be working all right with only once per week, while we wait for Nanakuli Ridge to find out we are not running a business. If I want to give something away, it is very difficult. They simply do not understand yet. When this blog says free, it means free and you will not be billed for anything later. And even more than that, I do not intend to try to sell you something. So we must be patient.

"Be human - Be honest - Be respectful -
Be a Participant - Be open - Be Courageous." 

Across the street, Kaiser Permanente
Meanwhile the bus situation continues to deteriorate and our auto repair shops are working overtime, getting those old clunkers fixed so the people can get to town at least sitting down, and not hanging on to something in jammed pack crowded bus. Old ladies standing up all the way to town on the "C" bus, that's criminal. But gotta pay for the rail.

Business is also slowing down all the way to Mapunapuna. Everyone know the rail is gonna screw up the works. But "somebody" is making billions of dollars in pure profits. Yes, the ones that paid millions to tear down the reputation of one of the most honest politicians Hawaii has ever had. And it is going to get more corrupt, Caldwell, PRP and Boylan.
"I'll Remember You." by Don Ho

Sales of housing is dropping fast. The city will cut the buses and force you to take the rail. Sounds like we need a rail? On the East side you may be able to still get a bus, even though the service is going to be terrible. Gotta pay for the rail. But we all know, it's the bread, Fred.

This blog coming up very good now. Dancing from
Makaha to Mapunapuna.

So for now we will just back off Nanakuli, for a while. Give them a little time to reflect on any results good or bad. Poster will be for Nanaikeola Senior Apartments, some people understand. The church gets a poster. Some people there are very understanding. And Kokua Mao, will have a poster. The others still think I am running business and it will take time.