Monday, January 7, 2013

Dancing in the Dark

The new kid on the block has actually been in existence since 1997 as a published Mini-Zine. With the advent of online blogging it disappeared. And is now being reopened as my own personal blog.

New logo for the Rail People: “If the facts don’t fit the theory, change the facts.”

Like all the blogs Dancing in the Dark will find it's own place in the sun according to the average hits per day. Right now it is at the bottom of course. It will generally cover the rest of the blogs. It is not even in the search engines yet. So the only way to get on it is using the links in the side bars of any of our other blogs. Just click the name in this side bar and Dancing in the Dark blog will appear on your screen like magic.

So the bus situation in Nanakuli worsens. The big wheels seem to be all blissfully unaware of the situation. Of course, they are all thinking of the billions and billions of dollars in pure profits in the rail for some. It's the loot, Klute. Only one spark remains, the #93 bus and it works too perfect for the users. The big shots will put a stop to that nonsense.

Just a few of these buses on the "C" line and a few
on the #40 line. We would not be champs but 
we "coulda been a contendah." But we all know,
it's the money, Sonny.

I am increasingly meeting people that live in the west thinking of moving to the Eastern part of the Island. We already had one lady in our Senior Apartments that moved to Kaneohe. She found that even wheel chairs have a hard time because there are not enough buses any more. Got to pay for the big profits in the Rail.

In the East, they may be able to take a bus to get to town, instead of going to a rail station, finding parking, etc etc. A bus they can get right down the block is fine. Of course, hopefully they can do something about the "cattle cars." Old ladies standing up in the "C" bus all the way to town. That's criminal ! Auwe.

"I Remember You" - Don Ho

Most of Nanakuli people are unaware of what a blog can do. I gave it a good try and it just isn't there. Let it rest for a few months while they think it over. Meanwhile I have an awful lot of ground to cover with six other blogs. The door remains open and it still says "Welcome."