Thursday, January 10, 2013


Leilani Yee Poong has left a new comment on our post "Christmas Party":

Hauoli Makahiki all those checking out the Nanakuli Ridge name is Leilani and I attend City of Joy (AOG) Church and yes...we were part of the Christmas celebration with our friends who reside in the Nanaikeola Senior apartments... What a crowd of well wishers and beautiful faces with extra large love in their hearts! What a wonderful time we all had and the gifts that were given...praise the Lord Jesus Christ...for HE alone is worthy of all Praise, Honor and Glory! Mahalo Pepe for writing up this blog...God bless us ALL!

"Unique and different is the next generation of beautiful."

It is not clear enough in the comments section of the post, so I repeat it here. I want the people of our community to read these words. These people will become the heart of this blog. For this year because of the lack of response and/or interest of the ones we have contacted, this blog will be set up as a Web site. This is for appearance only, and a regular schedule posting on every Wednesday. As per usual there is no charge, it will remain on a blog basis and we welcome any opinions and photos.

I went to Kentucky Fried but they did not seem to understand, so we must be patient. Some other time. I went to the Samoan Church and they thought I was trying to sell them something. True, but they thought it would involve money from them. They informed me that they already were on the internet. So you see, it will take time for these people to know. No hu, hu.

"Praise The Lord And Pass The Ammunition!" - Kay Kyser

I am much too busy with the other blogs, but we may have something going here in time with a little more patience. I am also thinking of making this into more fixed items and few up to date items. So we don't know everything, but I learn everyday.

Pub's Side Note: We shall try the Web method and if it does not work either, then we will have no choice. The people will speak, they just may not be ready for it. Mahalo.