Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Central Valley Blog

The Central Valley blog really has surprised me in the last few months. Of the bottom blogs it is going neck and neck with Oahu - West. They have a good starting nucleus of dancers in the Wahiawa Ballroom Dance Club.
"No person is a failure who is enjoying life."

Then there are the fans of Dot's In Wahiawa, restaurant and a place to dance with live music. That makes Wahiawa pretty close to the center of dancing in this sector. We have some sparks in Mililani. Just Tacos still has Salsa on Saturday nights and there is Mililani Chapter HBDA there too. There is also a group in Whitmore Village, So the needed group to round out a good group is in Waikele and/or Waipio.

I am finding it increasingly difficult to get around. The bus situation is getting worse with the new city administration. They think the people are going to really want a rail disaster. In their Ivory Towers they haven't a clue, that the people discuss this among themselves. Passengers don't need a rail, that is for sure. They need buses. Many of our legislators have no idea either. With enough articulated buses, there would be much less traffic on the freeways and also much less in downtown traffic.
"Morning Dew" by Melveen Leeds

With the crowded buses that we have now, the auto repair shops on the Waianae Coast are working  overtime. Nobody wants to ride a "cattle car." And you don't want to have to pay a yearly fee at the rail station and wait there for hours. You could have gotten the bus right around the corner where you always got it. Our legislators on the Waianae Coast have no clue either. They have been well paid.

But it's the dough, Flo. The Contractors are going to make billions and billions of dollars in profits and will bankrupt the city for sure. But no hu hu, the state will have to bail them out, That means that the neighbor islands are going to have to pay through the nose too. Meanwhile, everyone has noticed the price of everything going up.  Gotta pay for the rail fiasco. And you ain't seen nothing yet. Wait till you get your property tax bill. Ha!

These kine buses could have done it and with comfort. on the #40 and the "C." People would be rather be riding in comfort in a bus than taking the car. But those dumb dodos in Honolulu. Auwe! You got suckered by crooks into voting for it, now you gotta pay.

Wednesday, January 23, 2013


Once a week is turning out just about right. It will take some time for Nanakuli to realize I do not intend to rip anyone off in money.  The laptop computer has been there for over four weeks. The odds indicate someone should have had the number. But of course, the laptop could not be free, could it?

"Most of the shadows of this life are caused by our standing in our own sunshine."

There must be some other angle to it. Cannot blame them. That has been the course of regular business and it has been taken to extremes in politics with outright lies. Look what Caldwell did to Cayetano in the last election. The dirtiest campaign in the history of Honolulu.

"Tiny Bubbles" by Don Ho

Well, I live in Nanakuli, so I have to think of the Waianae Coast. I haven't gone to Makaha Resort to check out the dancing but I will. There are bars there so that will not be problem, I can sit down and have me a Rum & Coke. I must go on a Saturday night when it is most likely they will have some dance action. I can have nice couple hours casing the joint. I don't have to wait for a specific bus, I can leave any time because it is downhill all the way to Makaha.

Second I need a good run in the daytime, down the coast to Waianae District Park and the Library and then go over to check out the Pililauu District Park. I am finding that the biggest problem in the West remains to find a Community Center that will admit ballroom dancing. They are notorious for keeping dancing out of the centers. From a 40 year old quote. "We ain't running no dance halls in our community centers."

"So Sad (To Watch Good Love Go Bad)"
by the Everly Brothers

I will have to ask questions about the Ko'ilina Resort and maybe put that on the agenda for the future. Kapolei is trying but people are afraid to try anything because they don't know where the rail is going to screw up the works and they are bound to do that.

Next I will have to make the Ewa run which includes Ewa Beach. I must make sure that I include Crestview Community Park, Waipio and Pearl City Manana Community Park both for line dancing. That I must do first. We need line dance information on our blogs.

For most, Easy Street is always a dead end or a blind alley. But for the contractors on the Rail, Oh Boy, Whatta Gravy Train. Billions and Billions of dollars in profits. No one has any experience with rails. Estimates have been five billions but everyone now knows that it will be closer to Ten Billion Dollars. you know, cost overruns and all that. He He He. The money is just going to be rolling in. The people? "Let'em eat cake."

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Oahu - West

It seems to be working all right with only once per week, while we wait for Nanakuli Ridge to find out we are not running a business. If I want to give something away, it is very difficult. They simply do not understand yet. When this blog says free, it means free and you will not be billed for anything later. And even more than that, I do not intend to try to sell you something. So we must be patient.

"Be human - Be honest - Be respectful -
Be a Participant - Be open - Be Courageous." 

Across the street, Kaiser Permanente
Meanwhile the bus situation continues to deteriorate and our auto repair shops are working overtime, getting those old clunkers fixed so the people can get to town at least sitting down, and not hanging on to something in jammed pack crowded bus. Old ladies standing up all the way to town on the "C" bus, that's criminal. But gotta pay for the rail.

Business is also slowing down all the way to Mapunapuna. Everyone know the rail is gonna screw up the works. But "somebody" is making billions of dollars in pure profits. Yes, the ones that paid millions to tear down the reputation of one of the most honest politicians Hawaii has ever had. And it is going to get more corrupt, Caldwell, PRP and Boylan.
"I'll Remember You." by Don Ho

Sales of housing is dropping fast. The city will cut the buses and force you to take the rail. Sounds like we need a rail? On the East side you may be able to still get a bus, even though the service is going to be terrible. Gotta pay for the rail. But we all know, it's the bread, Fred.

This blog coming up very good now. Dancing from
Makaha to Mapunapuna.

So for now we will just back off Nanakuli, for a while. Give them a little time to reflect on any results good or bad. Poster will be for Nanaikeola Senior Apartments, some people understand. The church gets a poster. Some people there are very understanding. And Kokua Mao, will have a poster. The others still think I am running business and it will take time.

Thursday, January 10, 2013


Leilani Yee Poong has left a new comment on our post "Christmas Party":

Hauoli Makahiki all those checking out the Nanakuli Ridge name is Leilani and I attend City of Joy (AOG) Church and yes...we were part of the Christmas celebration with our friends who reside in the Nanaikeola Senior apartments... What a crowd of well wishers and beautiful faces with extra large love in their hearts! What a wonderful time we all had and the gifts that were given...praise the Lord Jesus Christ...for HE alone is worthy of all Praise, Honor and Glory! Mahalo Pepe for writing up this blog...God bless us ALL!

"Unique and different is the next generation of beautiful."

It is not clear enough in the comments section of the post, so I repeat it here. I want the people of our community to read these words. These people will become the heart of this blog. For this year because of the lack of response and/or interest of the ones we have contacted, this blog will be set up as a Web site. This is for appearance only, and a regular schedule posting on every Wednesday. As per usual there is no charge, it will remain on a blog basis and we welcome any opinions and photos.

I went to Kentucky Fried but they did not seem to understand, so we must be patient. Some other time. I went to the Samoan Church and they thought I was trying to sell them something. True, but they thought it would involve money from them. They informed me that they already were on the internet. So you see, it will take time for these people to know. No hu, hu.

"Praise The Lord And Pass The Ammunition!" - Kay Kyser

I am much too busy with the other blogs, but we may have something going here in time with a little more patience. I am also thinking of making this into more fixed items and few up to date items. So we don't know everything, but I learn everyday.

Pub's Side Note: We shall try the Web method and if it does not work either, then we will have no choice. The people will speak, they just may not be ready for it. Mahalo.

Monday, January 7, 2013

Dancing in the Dark

The new kid on the block has actually been in existence since 1997 as a published Mini-Zine. With the advent of online blogging it disappeared. And is now being reopened as my own personal blog.

New logo for the Rail People: “If the facts don’t fit the theory, change the facts.”

Like all the blogs Dancing in the Dark will find it's own place in the sun according to the average hits per day. Right now it is at the bottom of course. It will generally cover the rest of the blogs. It is not even in the search engines yet. So the only way to get on it is using the links in the side bars of any of our other blogs. Just click the name in this side bar and Dancing in the Dark blog will appear on your screen like magic.

So the bus situation in Nanakuli worsens. The big wheels seem to be all blissfully unaware of the situation. Of course, they are all thinking of the billions and billions of dollars in pure profits in the rail for some. It's the loot, Klute. Only one spark remains, the #93 bus and it works too perfect for the users. The big shots will put a stop to that nonsense.

Just a few of these buses on the "C" line and a few
on the #40 line. We would not be champs but 
we "coulda been a contendah." But we all know,
it's the money, Sonny.

I am increasingly meeting people that live in the west thinking of moving to the Eastern part of the Island. We already had one lady in our Senior Apartments that moved to Kaneohe. She found that even wheel chairs have a hard time because there are not enough buses any more. Got to pay for the big profits in the Rail.

In the East, they may be able to take a bus to get to town, instead of going to a rail station, finding parking, etc etc. A bus they can get right down the block is fine. Of course, hopefully they can do something about the "cattle cars." Old ladies standing up in the "C" bus all the way to town. That's criminal ! Auwe.

"I Remember You" - Don Ho

Most of Nanakuli people are unaware of what a blog can do. I gave it a good try and it just isn't there. Let it rest for a few months while they think it over. Meanwhile I have an awful lot of ground to cover with six other blogs. The door remains open and it still says "Welcome."

Friday, January 4, 2013

Nothing Doin'

But we got a good blog in town that is also slow going. That is Oahu And Beyond. With less than 100 average hits per day they need a one more good Guest Author. They cover most of the town dancing action and some of the neighbor islands too.

"Those who dance are considered insane by those who can’t hear the music."
- George Carlin

Town Dancer is still in the lead but the Christmas season has been hard on all of them. The bus situation has been so bad, I haven't had much chance at getting around to get a few pictures, but then I have been having trouble with my cameras. My mind is not working so good in its old age.

Oahu - West has had another reason for the slow down. I changed the URL. The internet address is now  and it takes a while for the search engines to pick up on that. So the only way is to click the name in the side bar of any of the other blogs and it will appear on your screen like magic. Hopefully the territory will be getting bigger and we will have more action.

I changed the URL on this blog too. The new internet address is
This may turn out to be my personal blog, while I get the others independent. I am sure I will leave them in good hands. Dancing in the Dark was the name of the mini zine that existed for over ten years on this Island.

This blog has always been a puzzle, so all I can do is guess. Good readership and it could double if we had a Guest Author. I suspect is mostly  Wahiawa readers with Wahiawa Ballroom Dance Club and Dot's in Wahiawa. Then a few scattered in Mililani and Waipio. Could have some in the North Shore too.

Then when they get enough of these running so it can be "comfortable," people will be able to get around a little better than now riding "cattle cars." Auwe!

Nevertheless, this section of Oahu, will bloom with dancing activity in this coming year along with the rest of the west. There may be a new Dance Club in Waipio, and perhaps a Nightclub too. We must be patient. Somebody that doesn't count on the liquor bar tab so much.