Sunday, December 9, 2012

There are changes in the making.

Nanakulu Ridge is now covering from Makaha to Barber's Point and will remain my own personal blog. I will just have more ground to cover so that I can include more people that may be interested. I tried Nanakuli but they are not aware of what a blog is. Many think I am running a business, so we must be patient, it will take time. The immediate extension is to Lualualei. This blog will remain stagnant with less than 15 average hits per day until I figure what to do.

"People were created to be loved. - Things were created to be used.
The reason the world is in chaos is that things are being loved,
and people are being used."

Oahu - West blog will take a new name for the URL address. just to get Nanakuli out of there.
The dance area will be definitely from Makaha to the Stadium. That's a lot of ground to cover but not much dancing. The hits are too low on all four blogs. The main anchor remains Kapolei Chapter HBDA. They are the example of what a fine dance club could be. With their kokua the hits can still go through the roof.

And we look forward to whatever we can in Ewa Beach and Ewa. Waipahu seems to be a more private club sector so we must respect their wishes. Pearl City to the Stadium is sure to have something going. We may interest Pearlridge Chapter HBDA, they may realize the value blog publicity, this year will show us a lot.

Central Valley is holding up quite nicely and frankly I thought to get rid of it less than a year ago. It will keep going, and I will make efforts to make contacts with anyone that has something to do with dancing and is willing to share with their fellow reader/dancers. Yes, I know, the private club syndrome, those we must respect, in Spanish it is, "Mas Tarde." (Later.) I usually say "Mucho Mas Tarde."

"Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas"

Meanwhile, Dancing in the Dark will expand simply with Aliamanu as the anchor of dancing in the area (for now) and the addition of Kalihi as part of the West. They should be moving up shortly in hits as soon as we can get some photos and write up some of the action.

Perhaps we can get some Kokua from Aliamanu Chapter and Kalihi Chapters HBDA. They may not know the full value of blog publicity yet, but eventually they will make the ultimate decisions, not me.

The two in town, Town Dancer and Oahu And Beyond have together over 300 average hits per day, so there is not much to worry about there, except to work on getting them independent.

"The Twelve Days Of Christmas"

Pub's Side Note: If we can get some resemblance of bus transportation from Waianae, I may be able to get to town more often. But we all understand the big bucks involved in the rail. They stand to make billions and billions of dollars in profits. Much of it will be going to the mainland and we will never see it again. Tourists? They have already been warned. The prices on everything in Hawaii are going to go sky high. Gotta pay for da rail.