Friday, December 21, 2012

The Bus and the Rail

It is looking worse for the users of public transportation on the Waianae Coast. The "C" bus will be eliminated forcing people to take the rail, OR ELSE! The parking lot fees at the Rail station will be reduced to less the $100 per month as in cities that have dropping rail users. The fees on buses and the rail will be the same as promised, but the fees will go up to $5. We are talking big bucks in profits for a lot of people.

"Laughter is to life what shock absorbers are to the automobiles. It won't take the
potholes out of the road, but it sure makes the ride smoother." 

We are already paying for it on the Waianae Coast. Remember 8 oz coffee at $3.99 at the beginning of the year. Now, at $4.99 and in January no less than $6 and some at $7. Gotta pay for the rail. Eggs going to $5, milk to $6 and gas of course going to $6. And plenty more. You didn't think the rich were going to pay for this fiasco, did you? And we haven't mention property taxes! Ha!

Can you imagine the "C" bus and #40 bus with these and plenty of them. People would
ride them "comfortable" instead of bucking the traffic to town. "And I could get it
right around the corner where I always got  it."

The entire island voted for this disaster and they will also have to pay the piper. They don't need it but they were sure conned by somebody and with dirty stinking lies too. The most honest politician we have had in the last 30 years, SMEARED! They changed the rules of the game and we are now going to play by their rules. We have start to zero in on the top instigators.

All over the world like a wave, rail is out, shortie buses are out. The Articulated
and the Bi-Articulated bus are definitely in. They have proven effective in South
America first, then China has done extensive studies and now moving into Europe.

Example: I make errands in town and get to Alapai Transit Center by 3:00 pm. for the #93 "shortie" bus. Half full but by the time it gets on the freeway it is almost full. Maybe forty cars missing from right in front of the bus because the drivers are "sitting" in the bus "comfortable." I am home in Nanakuli by 4;00 pm. The rail ain't gonna beat that in a million years even if it costs 20 billion. The danger is when the rail people become aware, they will put a stop to that nonsense.

The Bi-Articulated bus (two tandems) proven five times more effective that rail by the Chinese at one tenth the cost. Could be needed maybe ten years down the road.

And of course, Linda Lingle said it might bankrupt the state and I believe she knows her business. But I know and the residents of the neighbor islands are beginning to be aware. They will  have to pay for the billions and billions of dollars in profits from the rail. They will be stuck for it too. The Unions will make billions led by Caldwell. So it is Hanneman, Caldwell, and the PRP. Birds of a feather.

Pub's Side Note: From the Caldwell book "He who has the gold, makes the rules."