Tuesday, December 11, 2012

The Amazing "C" Bus

Monday night I went to the Kapolei Chapter Social Dance in Kapolei and I was amazed, the bus had seating room. If they have changed something, perhaps they are learning. The way to get people off their cars and ride the bus to town is to make them "comfortable" on the bus. An unknown term in the city of Honolulu. The "cattle cars" are not it.

"A good apology has three parts, 1, I'm sorry. 2. It's my fault.
3. What can I do to make it right? - - Most people forget the third part."

All over the world they have come to the conclusion that rail is a waste of money. In San Francisco they tore it back down. The new articulated buses seem to be the answer to everyone's problems. It started in South America and picked up nicely by the Chinese, along with the "Industrial Park." Traffic has become very reasonable.

In many parts of the world they are discovering that if you make the bus riding "comfortable" people will ride it from their bedroom communities to town. They further realize that there may be "50 cars missing," right in front of the bus. The drivers are sitting in the bus. Not only that but they get the bus right around the corner where they always got it. How about the worst "cattle car" of all, the #40 bus replaced with Articulated buses. Wow, talk about doing for our fellow citizens! They deserve better riding conditions.

There may be need for more and it is there for the taking. Already proven in China, five times more effective than rail and at one tenth the cost. The Bi-Articulated bus (two tandems.)

Now with the Bi-Articulated buses the Chinese have discovered there may be "80 to 90 cars missing" right in front of the bus. The drivers are "sitting" in the bus. 80 to 90 cars not screwing up the traffic in town. Same as with the others, no special station, you get the bus right around the corner where you always got it.

"Come All Ye Faithful"

I got the "C" bus back home and had adequate "seating." Amazing. You may be able to take the bus again and leave the driving to the best bus drivers in the world. The only thing is those robber barons would not make is that easy money. In Rail, there are Billions and Billions of dollars in pure profits. And with Caldwell in their pocket, doubly easy. You voted now you gotta pay the piper, through the nose.

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