Monday, December 3, 2012

In Search of Definition

This blog is going into the new year with a much different viewpoint than before. Most of the people I came in contact with are not very aware of the potential in a blog. So I will do it more as my own personal blog and let it evolve from there.

"On this Waianae Coast, we shall worship at the altar of openess and truth
and let the tropical flowers of opinion bloom."

Nanakuli Community Center overlooking the ocean.
Since social dancing is one of my hobbies, it will have a prominent place in this blog. The hotels in the vicinity are much too expensive for the locals, so we mustn't bother them. Dancing on the Coast is limited to the Military, which is, from the last Century. Inouye understands that very well. We may eventually move them out somewhere else, probably the big Island. That is big enough. Oahu is now an urban island and about to be destroyed by a Rail.

For now the beacon on West Oahu is Kapolei Chapter, HBDA, teaching the American style of dance for anyone in the vicinity. As of now, they could be the largest Chapter in HBDA and deservedly so, they work at it. The best influence on dancing in this entire section.

"Let It Snow! Let It Snow! Let It Snow!"   ...   Vaughn Monroe

Then just up the Waianae Coast is the Pililau'au Community Center that has Line Dancing now and then and could start up "Ballroom" dance lessons in the future. Then up the Coast more we have the best dance floor West of the Pecos River, bar none. This is at the Waianae District Park, probably close to 900 square feet of dancing room. Of course, like many "dance" floors on Oahu, there is no record of anyone ever dancing on it.

Good news for the Rail people, the automobile sellers and the gas companies, they are going remove all the seats from the buses and it is going to be standing room only. Gotta cut the costs down more to pay for the advertising for the Rail. That is backward from what the entire world is doing. The rest of the world is trying to make every effort to get people off their cars and use public transportation. Unfortunately this is an unknown in Honolulu. Making the user of Public Transportation comfortable does not compute. Maybe the entire world doesn't know the truth, and Honolulu does?

Pub's Side Note: The door I leave open for my fellow Nanakuli Ridge residents will remain open and it will still say "Welcome."