Sunday, November 11, 2012

Veteran's Day

Nice Sunday morning and I awoke to the noise of my neighbors the church. Looked like they were going to have church services and it would be an opportunity for me to make a blog.

Who said? "Jesus is coming, everyone look busy!"

Checked my email and my blogs and did a little clean up on the computer.  Always have junk in the computer to clean up. Had breakfast, took a shower and was ready by ten thirty. I heard the singing, World War II songs, a nice crowd down there.

Took a couple shots at random. Inside is too dark, the shadows from the bright outside.

Went around and talked to Ernie but couldn't get a group, so walked around some more and met some very nice guys. Got the photo.

John, Rod, Rhyan and Joe.

Nice conversation and there is hope that we can get John as Guest Author. The hits would go through the ceiling. Just try it and see. Took me six months to get over the 10 average hits per day, then another long period to get over 20. With John blogging and contributing photos, guaranteed, the magic 34 average hits per day. (1000 per month.)

Went around some more and was able to get some nice ladies too.

 Vina Awong, Lani, Mahina, Lei and Lillian.

Very nice way to start my day. with John on aboard I wont have to worry about the church and start working on the rest of Nanakuli Ridge folks. We will have a nice blog going. All we need is a few volunteers as Information and Photo contributors.