Monday, November 26, 2012

The Waianae Coast

Driving down the Farrington Highway through Waianae Coast are all the small towns, and the view of million dollar homes next to rundown shacks. The overgrown weeds, rusted out broken down cars and trucks and on any given day discarded furniture or waste sitting on the side of the street is disheartening.
"Feeling grateful or appreciative of someone or something in your life actually
attracts more of the things that you appreciate and value into your life."

Along the beautiful stretches of beach scenery are rows of dilapidated tents with homeless families and their pets living on the beach and at the end of the road past the town of Makaha there was a full blown "tent city" with families of homeless living a day to day existence. A new one is developing in on the empty space in front of Pu'u Haleakala in the Nanakuli Ridge and back of Sack N Save.

Our representatives can do nothing, and receive money from the rail people. Hard to believe they can do it with clear concience when they know there are old ladies standing up in the bus all the way to town. The "C" articulated bus has been converted into a "cattle car" and the silence from our people in the ivory towers has been deafening. Some really believe "cattle" should ride standing up. They mumble something about "bottom line" and "cost per passenger" and all the time praising the billions and billions of dollars in profits to be made on the rail.
"La Sombra De Tu Amor"   ...   Juanes and Tony Bennett

Pat wrote a nice review of the Thanksgiving at Nanaikeola Senior Apartments and an introduction of the Christmas dinner, It was posted on the elevator but it could also have gone into this blog very nicely. Nothing from City of Joy since Thanksgiving. They had their Sunday church meeting but I thought I had better not bother them. I can get some photos at next meeting.

Kokua Mau has not been too interested and neither has Shelly's Hair Salon. We shouldn't bother anyone. Napa is also pau, they are very busy and we mustn't interfere. Have to just keep looking for more to join the Nanakuli Ridge gang, just to help each other. Then with a few steady contributors the hits may reach 34 average per day which is 1000 hits per month. Then we may contact Kaiser Permanente and that will establish this blog as viable and we can begin our expansion to include all of Nanakuli, including Lualualei.