Thursday, November 15, 2012

The Waianae Coast

It is said the Waianae Coast has the most beautiful beaches and the sweetest mangoes. The area is rich in scenic beauty, Hawaiian culture and history. With its pristine ocean, world famous surfing contests, white sandy beaches, captivating mountain ranges and ancient heiaus, the Waianae Coast is sure to warm anybody's heart. 

Hawaiian men don't dance, do they?
Our mission is to introduce all of us to Waianae Coast living, which is living closer to the spirit of true Hawaiiana. But it is irrevocably tied up with the rest of Oahu and things like the bus can sure mess up the works. For those on the Waianae Coast less buses means very uncomfortable riding. Downtown does not have a clue, nor our representatives on the coast.

The slide shows on our blogs are shaping up very well. We will have four, all in the west. Nanakuli Ridge, Oahu - West, Central Valley and Dancing in the Dark. The two blogs in town will make their own decisions when they become independent. So far, the photos are labeled A, B, C etc. according to when they were installed. Gradually the As will be deleted as new ones come in. There will be about 30 to 40 photos in every slide show. We will probably have suggestions as to more or less photos.

"Morning Dew" ... Melveen Leed

Musical Videos from You Tube will be introduced into Nanakuli Ridge blog and Dancing in the Dark blog. The music is digital, so everything you need is there. However, the speakers on your computer or the quality of your earphones may not be able to pick up on everything. With good receptors, the music can be beautiful. Otherwise, skip it. If you have FireFox for a browser, you can download the music with or without the vid to your computer and then do with it what you wish.

"Be thankful when you don't know something, it gives you the opportunity to learn."

The voters on the rail may have been ignorant but they are not stupid. Many already picking up on the fact that they have been taken by master liars. The most honest politician we have had for decades, smeared by lies and the lying crooks have taken over.

The Universities are having a ball with the data analysis of the lying methods. And for sure, those methods will be used against the liars very soon. The targets are already being set up and Caldwell will be first.

Fortunately, both for the tenants at Nanaikeola Senior Apartments and the City of Joy, we will have a very nice Thanksgiving Dinner on Saturday, 17th. I hope to take some photos and make a nice blog.
Pub's Side Note: Through these blogs read the most informed cultural dancers in the Pacific. Now we have to find the line dancing on the Coast first.