Sunday, November 4, 2012

The Lies Against Ben Continue

From John Brown, carpenter.

PRP is using mainly the Idaho-based Mountain West Research Center, but they have others in other states too. They furnish some information and the Mountain West Research Center then turns it into damaging  lies against whoevah.

"In order that all people may be taught the truth, it is necessary
that all likewise should learn to hear it."  

Civil Beat and the Honolulu Star Advertiser in David Shapiro’s column both debunked the work of John White and PRP’s methods of massaging half-truths and outright lies in their ad campaigns to try to fool the public into believing their lies and distorted perspectives. But the public should know better and these negative messages are not helping the union or their members one bit. In fact it seems to be back-firing on them for good reason. And Caldwell is in it up to his ears. People are going to vote for this jerk?

 Los Angeles Rapid Transit, seating capacity almost 100, still not bad.

So is this a good use of the union members’ hard earned money they have paid into the system? Do you remember when a carpenter had respect? When the Union was respected? John White’s attack is politically motivated, but it is not justification for this type of personal attack that is unprovoked, and unwarranted.

 New Chinese made buses with over 100 seats, just perfect for Oahu.

Over the years many people have been friends with political figures on both sides of the fence and while we may have had our political differences, we always treated each other with respect and aloha. So what has recently happened to the respect and aloha in Hawaii politics? Perhaps this migrant from Arkansas has not been in the islands long enough to understand the ways of aloha and our culture.

 This is the one, we on the Waianae Coast have been waiting for so long.
This is it! If I can get a seat, I can leave the car home and leave
the driving to these wonderful people.

Regardless, there is no excuse for the outright lies, smears and even name calling perpetrated by John White of PRP. This is not the way to behave in Hawaii. And worse Caldwell is tied into this and he should know better. We are going to vote for this type of person? No way!

San Francisco got suckered into a rail, left photo. People would rather take the bus
than the rail. High maintenance cost and it looked like hell. -- They tore it down.
The place now looking beautiful again. Tandem buses running just fine.

I would like to ask all the union members to express their feelings and question why the union allows John White to waste their dues and damage the reputation of their union.  Perhaps the union can find a new Executive Director who has some aloha and who can restore your integrity. The members deserve someone better than John White!