Wednesday, November 7, 2012

My Headquarters

We lost (plural) the entire island of Oahu lost. The lying crooks won the election and an honest man lost. We cannot even say they stole the election. They paid cash for every lie that was made. We are really going to see a big mess in the next election now that we know lying works. Look at all the people that were suckered in and believed the lies. Caldwell has to take the blame. It will go down in the History books as the Day of Infamy.

New Chinese buses, over 100 seated passengers. They mention more "leg room"
21st century thinking, passenger are human beings. Not in Honolulu.

So this blog will now be my personal headquarters blog while I work to make the other blogs independent and I can withdraw from each in time. And this one will remain until I go. I tried to get the people close in to where I lived first, but they just do not know the power of a blog. Patience.

 "Swinging On A Star"   ...   Bing Crosby

I must devote some blogging time to Nanakuli Ridge because I live here and I must try to help wherever I can. I must be careful not to bother. Those that do not wish to be included must be respected. But there are others that we can help and we will. Eventually we will get that very much needed Guest Author for Nanakuli Ridge.

From this center I will do what I can help to make traveling on Public Transportation easier and work to get rid of those that are only interested in making the big big bucks. We will be working closely with Ewa Plain a blog of a different color that will deal mostly with the dancing scene in the Ewa Plain. Up and coming section with new hotels, nightclubs, shopping centers etc.