Friday, November 2, 2012

Looking around

Nanaikeola Senior Apartments moving on very nicely as you can read in this blog. And the work on the church next door continues with the good help of some of the members of the church. These seem to be the only positives at this time
"An honest answer can get you into a lot of trouble."

Hopefully we can get something in here about the Kaiser Permanente group. They may on too high a level for this blog. Kokua Mao seems to be progressing just fine. We have not heard anything on their next door neighbors.

"Only The Lonely"   ...   Roy Orbison

The action is slowing down on the Nanakuli Super parking lot. They have our phone number and/or our email. We are at their service.

"At Last"   ...   Etta James

We had started very good with Napa Auto Parts and the Korean Restaurant right across but nothing for a month now. I will have to get some time and get a photo or two. Perhaps a quote to fill out the blog.

Pub's Side Note: Apparently they have made it clear in town that Japanese will no longer be running politics and the Haoles are taking over, starting from the Governor. And we still trying to trace the quote, "We gotta send these Flips back to the Philippines." Who is the one?