Saturday, November 3, 2012

Honolulu Civic Beat

Today, Federal Judge Wallace Tashima sided with Ben and the other 3 plaintiffs who had sued the City saying that the rail project violated federal law.  Ben said to KITV: "We are pleased with the ruling.

Ben Cayetano FAST plan, terrific with tandem buses.

The Court ruled that on 3 different issues, the City had violated the law."  It is not a matter of the number of favorable rulings for one side or another.  The lawsuit was about doing the Environmental Impact Study properly - which the City will now have to do.  To KHON, Ben said: "I think this is going to cause them a big delay."

Los Angeles, seating 80 persons.

In an interview with KITV, Panos explained that the lawsuit was about addressing the rail project's flaws and "the court found significant flaws."  The revisions that will need to be made, including costly re-engineering, could mean an end to the project's contingency fund.

Hong Kong, seating 90 persons

They have to go back to basics. First realize the mess we have now. Every user knows this. The people in the the ivory towers do not have a clue. The need for more buses. Sitting down is "comfortable."  Standing up is "uncomfortable." So first you have to have more buses so that the people ride "comfortable." Last century they were cattle, now they are human beings.

Sussex, England, seating 85 persons.

Once the people ride comfortable, then many will think. Instead of riding my car from Makaha to town I will take the bus. One car off the freeway. Or the buses are full, "I will take the car" even if it cost me in gas etc. All over the mainland they are trying to get people off their cars and onto public transportation. You cannot do it by making it difficult for the people.

New Chinese bus, seating 110 persons. Wow.

So I get the #93 express bus at Alapai Transit Center at 4:00 PM. By the time it ready to get on the freeway at Vineyard and Palama, it is almost full. one seat empty. Beautiful. everyone seated comfortably. And everyone knows that right in front of the bus, there are 50 cars missing. The drivers are sitting in the bus. The lady in the next seat explains that she has her own car but she works a couple blocks from the bus and she lives a couple of blocks from the first stop in Honokai Hale. She needs the rail like a hole in the head. I get home in Nanakuli before 5:00 PM.  The rail ain't nevah gonna beat that in a million years. And I can get the bus right around the corner! Dumb Dodos!