Thursday, November 1, 2012

From Honolulu Civic Beat

Op-ed: Caldwell Caught With His Hand In 'Pay To Play' Cash Register
By Kioni Dudley

Kirk Caldwell’s
claim to reforming “pay to play” is a farce. A recent report on campaign donations reveals that he continues to accept great numbers of monetary contributions from government contractors, including Honolulu rail contractors. His actions make a mockery of his repeated TV ads where he boasts of creating legislation to outlaw campaign contributions from those holding contracts from government.

San Francisco discovered the waste of money in a Rail too late and had to tear it down.

Caldwell’s previous filings with the Campaign Spending Commission list a minimum of 46 contributors with rail contracts. These range from top executives of Kobayashi/Kiewit Joint Venture which has a contract for $195 million, and InfraConsult which has a HART contract for $82 million, to people holding the smaller but lavish public relations contracts, such as Gary Omori at $251,000 and Pat Lee who pulls in $348,000.

Pub's Side Note: We can plainly see the rat finks trying to take Honolulu over. They assume it can be bought. Linda Lingle says the Rail may bankrupt the state and she knows State financing. But the neighbor islands will have to help pay for it if it passes. We are talking Billions and Billions of dollars in profits. Easy Money!