Tuesday, November 13, 2012


Now that this blog will headquarter all the other blogs, it is starting to move. Took six months to get it over 10 average hits per day. Now with extended coverage it is comfortably over 20 hits. Why stop there?

 "Lying is terminological inexactitude" Winston Churchill.

I am no longer waiting for a call from a party interested in the laptop computer. The laptop will now be free to someone. See side bar in this blog and also in the Oahu - West blog. If the last three numbers of your social securtity number are the same, the laptop is yours. First call gets it.

The bad news is that the #40 and the "C" have been now fully converted into "cattle" cars. The poor bus drivers, not wanting to leave the people (human beings) to wait for the next bus. They stand up and ask, "Please folks, move back we have to get seven more people on this bus." Auwe! Remember when Oahu Transit was considered one of the best?

"Sentimental Journey"   ...   Les Brown

The rich property owners already are beginning to realize that have to pay much larger property taxes to pay for the rail. Estimated cost of the rail now going up to nine billion. The mainland contractors eagerly awaiting to get on the gravy train. Billion and Billions of dollars in profits. Easy Money!

 Just two, one in Waianae and one in Nanakuli.
"I  coulda been home in twenty minutes."

Most of us will remember when we could get the #93 at 7 AM and be in town at 8 AM. No more they are going to cut that out, too easy for "cattle." When the rail gets built, it's gonna take you an hour to find parking and get the rail. Another hour to get into town. You didn't know they had to make stops on the way? Ha! Many, many people got suckered into this thing. Tough. Now they got to pay the piper. Dumb Dodos!