Monday, November 5, 2012

Anti Rail

Excerpt from Joe Balls, email to Topix News, Nanakuli

Of course the project is evil. The people that are pushing the train are all connected to the construction industry, and are pushing it hard in order to steal billions and billions of dollars from the taxpayers.

"Dollars and Sense do not always travel together."

I'm surprised they didn't come up with building a bridge to Europe as well, the goofy bastids. The universities having a ball studying these sleazy methods first hand. This is stealing money without a gun and how to get a puppet (like Caldwell) to front it.

The Department of Transportation has been on a rampage against all the present users of Public Transportation. It has been a huge disaster throughout the island. The worst is of course the Waianae Coast. The punishment there has been awful. The nice C bus is been transformed into a cattle car. The #40 bus is even worse. The mistreatment of these human beings is unforgivable. But Caldwell, White and Grabauskas are all blissfully unaware of the havoc they have caused.

Hong Kong buses, but they don't have the thieves that we have here.
Stealing without a gun is really not a new one.

Time to elect some people that aren't thieves and shysters. I've yet to meet someone that plans to ride the "thing" anywhere except as a novelty when it is first finished. They should fix our roads, water and sewer lines, bury the electrical system, fix our piers, and make life better for the citizens, but these greedy hogs want only the biggest boondoggles they can think of and to hell with us.

On the left San Francisco got suckered in by the same type of crooks we have now in Honolulu and they built the rail. Nobody riding, much easier to get a bus if you can find one. They usually try to force you. Finally tore it down. San Francisco now more beautiful, and the buses running very nicely.

We could build a plasma-to-energy powerplant for a few billion dollars and we would be using the landfills for fuel instead of over-flowing the island with trash, and we should have solar farms, but we'll never see it with these thieves. White from Arkansas, and Grabauskas from Massachusetts, like to think the islanders being too stupid and backwards to throw them out, and not realizing that things could be a lot better.