Sunday, October 28, 2012

Slowing down

I woke up early, had breakfast and a nice shower and got on my computer. Heard the noise next door and the church workers were at it. Still looking good. Went down to talk to the workers and fortunately Pastor Farley was there.

“Everything in the universe has rhythm; Everything dances.”

I was able to point out that the Laptop would be available for the right party. Anyone interested please see the Pastor. I may get a working Guest Author for this blog. One that can be a good example for the ones to come on board later.

 Ernest, Alma, Pastor Farley and Boni, enjoying  some ono Kau Kau.

Went home and came back Kau Kau time and got a photo. Also they were able to hook up the cover for my earphones. I forgot about borrowing drill for my new desk extension. Maybe later. And the recliner is fine, just need a softer thing all around. Cost close to $500, so it will take some time.

We have decided to give free advertising for employment in West Oahu in any of our four blogs there. The people that live and work in West live in Paradise without spending one third of the lives going to Honolulu  and back. Every job we can get in the West for someone the lives in the West will be one less driver on the freeway to town. What a break for everyone. To make connection, post to the comments section in the blog of your choice.

Pub's Side Note: Bus situation gets worse. Department of Transportation couldn't care less. "Those people are all ethnics. They don't count." Old ladies riding the bus "standing up" all the way to town. Auwe! Push Polling by the PRP is illegal. But PRP lies about Ben Cayetano and people believe without proof. How about that?