Wednesday, October 24, 2012

PRP. the Liars.

These are the people that were all set to make the big big bucks in the Rail. We are talking Billions and Billions of Dollars. They can spend millions in lying, just so they can make billions later. They call it making money the old fashion way, by crooking. The old Robber Barons established the first principles.

They have "paid" their way in with a lot of politicians, and "Romney" like they think they can pay their way anywhere else. That is what they call business when it is just racketeering. These people must go.

Mayoral candidate Ben Cayetano filed a libel lawsuit today against the organization that has spent more than $1 million in advertising which he alleges attacks his character. The lawsuit names Pacific Resource Partnership, PRP executive director John White, PRP’s trustees, its political action committee, the Hawaii Carpenter’s Union and Hoakea Communications, the advertising agency helping to coordinate the campaign.

The lawsuit, filed in Hawaii Circuit Court this morning, alleges that PRP and its associates are conducting a coordinated campaign of push polls, television and radio advertisements, and flyers that falsely accuse the former governor of accepting illegal campaign contributions, giving government contracts in exchange for contributions, and keeping contributions for personal gain.

They lie about this too.

“This case is about big money for big lies and it’s about the future of elections in Hawaii,” said Jim Bickerton, one of Cayetano’s attorneys. “It’s bigger than Ben vs. Kirk, and it’s bigger than rail vs. bus. It’s about whether we’re going to let secret, shadowy groups with unlimited funds pump lies into the public discourse.”

Pub's Side Note: Now they notify me that the Rail will be able to move 28000 passengers per hour. Great! I am so relieved. We can evacuate the entire Waianae Coast including the city of Kapolei in a little over an hour. These Crooks have got to go. They don't belong on Oahu.