Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Nice Day

It was a busy morning but I got most things done, except my housework. I need some help there, I was ready by noon, computer turned off, back packed, and took a leisurely stroll to Kokua Mau. They were busy in the back, unpacking and packing some goodies for distribution.

Got a nice picture of the folks at Kokua Mau. Always good for a photo.

But I did tell them that now I can copy music from you tube videos. Now, I have to find out how to burn the music to disks. It is not just a copy process. I am a slow learner but I do learn. Then I can make a few copies for my friends.  As for me I will not keep all of them for long. I am too old and there are too many. Just keep what make me happy for now.

Then I took a photo of Sign Waving Patrol at Nanaikeola Senior Apartments,
the day before and just didn't have the time to make a blog yesterday.
Hopefully I can get a quote from them in future photos.

Got the C bus a little after one and it was crowded. Lucky to get a seat. And it was soon packed. By the time we got ready to get on the freeway the loudspeakers were repeating. "Please move to the back of the bus." I arrived at the Kalihi Transit Center just in time to get the #2 bus. I was in time for my 2.30 appointment.

Through in a half hour, then waited for the bus for another half hour. Went to Freight Merchandising and they just don't have the bargains anymore. Not worth the trouble for the distance or the big mess with the buses. I don't believe I will go there again. Took the next #2 to town and then got the #93 bus back to Nanakuli.

I hadn't made plans for the party because I thought it would be over by the time
I got back from town. But I was fortunate to get this collage. I think there was
a truck outside with a keg of beer for delivery but I  am not sure.

They can spend 50 billion dollars on the Rail, and they will never beat the #93 for getting me to Nanakuli and in comfort, that is sitting down. And most of those people have cars and were there by choice. The also know that coming home, there are at least 50 cars missing right in front of the bus because the drivers are on the bus. With tandem buses full of seated people, it would be 80 cars missing right in front of the bus. That is the way to get people off the streets and freeways by making public transportation "comfortable" Yes, I know, it is not in their dictionaries. And those racketeers would not make the Billions and Billions of dollars in Rail Profits. Ha!