Sunday, October 7, 2012

City of Joy

I woke up Sunday morning to the noise next door of the church in progress. Looked out the window and there were plenty people there. So got ready and went over about ten. So many nice people.

 These are happy church people doing some good for their church
and having fun socializing too. Da way to go.

Walked around and said hello to many, I am beginning to know them. Met Leilani and she was gracious enough to give us a short quote for our readers.

"Praise Jesus for sending the laborers to build your kingdom, Mahalo Ke Akua."
Leilani Yee Poong.

I think most of our hits are coming from these church people. So we are going to get more. Maybe they can help me make other contacts for the Nanakuli Ridge blog. We gotta get over the 20 average per day. (is 600 hits per month)

Noah, Jane, Khrysten, Ezron, Kai Noa and Pastor Farley

"I Believe"    ...   Frankie Laine

Went around again and got a another couple good shots.

 More happy people in the process of helping out their church. It is going to be something when completed and all of these people will have participated in the building.

A Quote from Pastor Farley:

"We at the City of Joy are so grateful onto the Lord for planting us in the community of Lanakuli. We pray God's goodness and grants to fill his bounties and abundant aloha!"
Pastor Farley.