Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Nice Day

It was a busy morning but I got most things done, except my housework. I need some help there, I was ready by noon, computer turned off, back packed, and took a leisurely stroll to Kokua Mau. They were busy in the back, unpacking and packing some goodies for distribution.

Got a nice picture of the folks at Kokua Mau. Always good for a photo.

But I did tell them that now I can copy music from you tube videos. Now, I have to find out how to burn the music to disks. It is not just a copy process. I am a slow learner but I do learn. Then I can make a few copies for my friends.  As for me I will not keep all of them for long. I am too old and there are too many. Just keep what make me happy for now.

Then I took a photo of Sign Waving Patrol at Nanaikeola Senior Apartments,
the day before and just didn't have the time to make a blog yesterday.
Hopefully I can get a quote from them in future photos.

Got the C bus a little after one and it was crowded. Lucky to get a seat. And it was soon packed. By the time we got ready to get on the freeway the loudspeakers were repeating. "Please move to the back of the bus." I arrived at the Kalihi Transit Center just in time to get the #2 bus. I was in time for my 2.30 appointment.

Through in a half hour, then waited for the bus for another half hour. Went to Freight Merchandising and they just don't have the bargains anymore. Not worth the trouble for the distance or the big mess with the buses. I don't believe I will go there again. Took the next #2 to town and then got the #93 bus back to Nanakuli.

I hadn't made plans for the party because I thought it would be over by the time
I got back from town. But I was fortunate to get this collage. I think there was
a truck outside with a keg of beer for delivery but I  am not sure.

They can spend 50 billion dollars on the Rail, and they will never beat the #93 for getting me to Nanakuli and in comfort, that is sitting down. And most of those people have cars and were there by choice. The also know that coming home, there are at least 50 cars missing right in front of the bus because the drivers are on the bus. With tandem buses full of seated people, it would be 80 cars missing right in front of the bus. That is the way to get people off the streets and freeways by making public transportation "comfortable" Yes, I know, it is not in their dictionaries. And those racketeers would not make the Billions and Billions of dollars in Rail Profits. Ha!

Monday, October 29, 2012

The Big Money Liars Continue

'Push Polling' Company with Tarnished Record
Targets Honolulu Mayoral Candidate Ben Cayetano

Hawaii Reporter has obtained an audio copy of a "push poll" targeting Mayoral Candidate Ben Cayetano.

During a nearly 10-minute call, the pollster, who works for the Idaho-based Mountain West Research Center, is planting negative information about Cayetano, while promoting Kirk Caldwell, the city's former managing director who is Cayetano's opponent in the upcoming Honolulu mayor's race.

Here is an excerpt that comes half way into the call:

"Here are a few statements - or three statements - that supporters have made about Kirk Caldwell for mayor. After I read each statement, just indicate whether this statement is convincing, somewhat, a little or not at all a convincing reason to you to support for Kirk Caldwell.

"Kirk wants our city government to provide better service to residents. He will replace aging water systems and sewer systems on time and on budget, fix pot holes, and make sure on time and more often, he will cut wasteful programs and develop more efficient ones. Is this a convincing, somewhat, a little or not at all a convincing reason to you to support for Kirk Caldwell?

"Kirk has worked with Honolulu’s emergency responders and knows what it takes to keep people safe. … As mayor, he will extend Honolulu’s policing program and make emergency services more cost effective in addition to providing faster response time. He has the support of police and fire fighters.

"Cayetano, however, whether this statement is true or not sir, Cayetano, however, pardoned more criminals than any other governor in the past quarter century, including many violent criminals. Is this a convincing, somewhat, a little or not at all a convincing reason to you to support for Kirk Caldwell?

"A woman in Waipahu and man in Hilo said Kirk has the integrity to be our mayor ….while Ben Cayetano has been involved with 'Pay to Play.' He was a successful businessman, worked with Sen. Daniel Inouye, and served as managing director and acting mayor of Honolulu ….

"Cayetano, on the other hand, whether this statement is true or not sir, took over $100,000 in contributions, illegal campaign contributions.

"Is this a convincing, somewhat, a little or not at all a convincing reason to you to support for Kirk Caldwell? ...

Even when the person being polled said he supports Cayetano, the pollster continues to convince him to vote for Caldwell.

"I know sir that you said you are not going to support … vote for Caldwell, but just allow me to read the statements, the final statements I have for you. What do you find the most convincing as the reason to vote Kirk Caldwell for mayor?

"Kirk Caldwell has the support of public safety while Cayetano pardoned more criminals than any other governor; Kirk will make government services more efficient, while the governor has laid off public workers and cut services, Kirk has the support of Sen. Inouye, while Cayetano took illegal contributions. ...

"I know, sir, you are for Ben Cayetano, but somehow I know this study we are conducting is asking what you believe, but actually sir, these are statements that are actually against him."

Pub's Side Note: This is illegal in some states. But the crooks here can lie and lie and get away with it.  Cost millions but think of the billions and billions of dollars in profits from the Rail.

Sunday, October 28, 2012

Slowing down

I woke up early, had breakfast and a nice shower and got on my computer. Heard the noise next door and the church workers were at it. Still looking good. Went down to talk to the workers and fortunately Pastor Farley was there.

“Everything in the universe has rhythm; Everything dances.”

I was able to point out that the Laptop would be available for the right party. Anyone interested please see the Pastor. I may get a working Guest Author for this blog. One that can be a good example for the ones to come on board later.

 Ernest, Alma, Pastor Farley and Boni, enjoying  some ono Kau Kau.

Went home and came back Kau Kau time and got a photo. Also they were able to hook up the cover for my earphones. I forgot about borrowing drill for my new desk extension. Maybe later. And the recliner is fine, just need a softer thing all around. Cost close to $500, so it will take some time.

We have decided to give free advertising for employment in West Oahu in any of our four blogs there. The people that live and work in West live in Paradise without spending one third of the lives going to Honolulu  and back. Every job we can get in the West for someone the lives in the West will be one less driver on the freeway to town. What a break for everyone. To make connection, post to the comments section in the blog of your choice.

Pub's Side Note: Bus situation gets worse. Department of Transportation couldn't care less. "Those people are all ethnics. They don't count." Old ladies riding the bus "standing up" all the way to town. Auwe! Push Polling by the PRP is illegal. But PRP lies about Ben Cayetano and people believe without proof. How about that?

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

PRP. the Liars.

These are the people that were all set to make the big big bucks in the Rail. We are talking Billions and Billions of Dollars. They can spend millions in lying, just so they can make billions later. They call it making money the old fashion way, by crooking. The old Robber Barons established the first principles.

They have "paid" their way in with a lot of politicians, and "Romney" like they think they can pay their way anywhere else. That is what they call business when it is just racketeering. These people must go.

Mayoral candidate Ben Cayetano filed a libel lawsuit today against the organization that has spent more than $1 million in advertising which he alleges attacks his character. The lawsuit names Pacific Resource Partnership, PRP executive director John White, PRP’s trustees, its political action committee, the Hawaii Carpenter’s Union and Hoakea Communications, the advertising agency helping to coordinate the campaign.

The lawsuit, filed in Hawaii Circuit Court this morning, alleges that PRP and its associates are conducting a coordinated campaign of push polls, television and radio advertisements, and flyers that falsely accuse the former governor of accepting illegal campaign contributions, giving government contracts in exchange for contributions, and keeping contributions for personal gain.

They lie about this too.

“This case is about big money for big lies and it’s about the future of elections in Hawaii,” said Jim Bickerton, one of Cayetano’s attorneys. “It’s bigger than Ben vs. Kirk, and it’s bigger than rail vs. bus. It’s about whether we’re going to let secret, shadowy groups with unlimited funds pump lies into the public discourse.”

Pub's Side Note: Now they notify me that the Rail will be able to move 28000 passengers per hour. Great! I am so relieved. We can evacuate the entire Waianae Coast including the city of Kapolei in a little over an hour. These Crooks have got to go. They don't belong on Oahu.

Sunday, October 21, 2012

From Ben Cayetano People

Independent UCLA professor, BrianTaylor, states that rail is effective in very large cities - but BRT is much better for Honolulu. He also said: "This Rail project, I guarantee you, is going to cost substantially more than they're projecting." This well-balanced report should make it very clear to all that Ben's FAST plan is the way to go!  PLEASE SHARE THIS WITH OTHERS!

 "A hurricane was scheduled to hit Tampa during the Republican Convention.
These winds would have been so strong they could actually blow some of
Mitt Romney's money back in the United States."

UCLA Prof. Brian Taylor doesn't have a stake in the battle over Oahu's transit future. However, the transportation policy and planning expert does offer a unique perspective on what would be best for the island's transit needs – the city's proposed $5.3 billion rail project, or a bus rapid transit system.

"When you look at the size of Honolulu (and) you look at the transportation problem they're seeking to solve, BRT is almost certainly a better investment," Taylor said Friday in a telephone interview with KITV4.

 "How High The Moon"   ...   Les Paul & Mary Ford

While the overall number of projected riders appears impressive, Taylor says it's not nearly enough to offset the tremendous capital cost needed to build the system, as well as the additional expenditures required to operate and maintain it.

Taylor said heavy rail is much better suited for large, metropolitan cities like Tokyo, New York and London, which generate extremely large numbers of riders. The professor points to Mexico City as yet another example, where trains 10 cars deep run on 90-second headways with "crush-loads" at almost all hours of the day.

Pub's Side Note: For us living on the Waianae Coast, we would not have to spend so much time to find the special Rail Station (cost billions) in Kapolei. We would get the bus right around the corner, where we always got it. Use your head, Red.

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Recovering Very Nicely

Recovering very nicely from my fall on bicycle in town and I have gotten some pretty photos in Nanaikeola Senior Apartments for a while. Now I spotted several people in the smoking section across that street Kaiser Permanente in the evening. And I got nice photo in the dark, the flash was good enough.

 "Success always occurs in private, and failure in full view."

 Millie, Glenn, Joe and Alec, enjoying the fresh evening.

Everything rolling all right in my other blogs except we cannot get this one going. I am going to try again with Pat. She had some trouble last time, so I changed her from Guest Author to Administrator and she did not get on so Google deleted her. I will have to send another invitation right after I am  through with this.

The new dance blog on the block. Few hits but going up slowly. Just have to be patient.

Then I have been getting some news from the Ben Cayetano political front:

Mahalo for making a contribution to the Cayetano for Mayor campaign! By helping to get Ben Cayetano elected, YOU are taking action to stop the ill-advised steel-on-steel rail project.

A Honolulu Advertiser poll conducted in 2009 indicated that 73% of Honolulu residents were under the impression that rail would reduce traffic congestion.  Now, they know the truth.  The Environmental Impact Statement for the project concluded that “traffic congestion with rail will be worse than it is today without rail.”  This, at a cost of more than $5 billion.

Traffic can be more cost-effectively addressed by implementing a Bus Rapid Transit (“BRT”) system.  The savings gained by using BRT will better allow Honolulu taxpayers to contend with paying for billions in mandated sewer reconstruction, assuming costs for fixing our deteriorated roadways, and addressing the many other vital needs of our city.

One of the most important things you can do now to help ensure victory on November 6 is to tell your family and friends the reasons why you support Ben Cayetano, and encourage them to do so as well.   Forward this mahalo note to them!  Ask that they join you in participating in what has become a real movement to prevent Kirk Caldwell from keeping power solely in the hands of labor and big business.  If we work hard together in the coming days, we can put power back in the hands of the people!

Pub's Side Note: We all know that with the #40 bus using tandem buses and a few more C buses what would happen. The Rail ain't gonna beat the time in a million years. And you thought the rich were gonna pay? Ha, Ask Romney and his pals!

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Craft Day

Getting a little trouble with my sleep cycle. I am getting sleepy later and waking up later. Then I get sleepy in the afternoon and take a nap. So I got up late Tuesday morning. Did some computer work, ate my breakfast and got ready for crafts at the community room of Nanaikeola Senior Apartments.

"Think you can, think you can’t – either way you’re right."

After noontime I went down to get some pics and/or news to make this blog. Not many there but those that were there were busy putting up the decorations for Halloween. The phone I took down with me was good for Aunty Jeanna, if it does her good, it's all right with me. There is not too much interest yet, but it will increase with time and a little blog PR.

Joe and Pat standing, Fina and Aunty Jeanna sitting.
These are the core members of the crafts room and there will
be more joining when they get wind of what they can do.

Went over to Kokua Mao and Yvonne could not play the music I gave her. I gave her another and she gave me the old one. I took it home and I couldn't play it either. I checked the tracks they were there. I could ask the computer to play each track but it could not play it as a record. I will have to inquire. Somebody must know what I did wrong.

"Somewhere Over The Rainbow"   ...   Iz

Pub's Side Note: Those that live and work in Nanakuli Ridge live in Paradise. Don't have to buck that horrible traffic to town every day and the bus now is worse, takes so much out of your life.  Famous saying in Waianae, "I coulda been home in 20 minutes. In town it takes me 20 minutes to get out of the parking area."

Sunday, October 7, 2012

City of Joy

I woke up Sunday morning to the noise next door of the church in progress. Looked out the window and there were plenty people there. So got ready and went over about ten. So many nice people.

 These are happy church people doing some good for their church
and having fun socializing too. Da way to go.

Walked around and said hello to many, I am beginning to know them. Met Leilani and she was gracious enough to give us a short quote for our readers.

"Praise Jesus for sending the laborers to build your kingdom, Mahalo Ke Akua."
Leilani Yee Poong.

I think most of our hits are coming from these church people. So we are going to get more. Maybe they can help me make other contacts for the Nanakuli Ridge blog. We gotta get over the 20 average per day. (is 600 hits per month)

Noah, Jane, Khrysten, Ezron, Kai Noa and Pastor Farley

"I Believe"    ...   Frankie Laine

Went around again and got a another couple good shots.

 More happy people in the process of helping out their church. It is going to be something when completed and all of these people will have participated in the building.

A Quote from Pastor Farley:

"We at the City of Joy are so grateful onto the Lord for planting us in the community of Lanakuli. We pray God's goodness and grants to fill his bounties and abundant aloha!"
Pastor Farley.

Monday, October 1, 2012

Another Possible

Looking around I went to Napa Auto Parts and they seemed to be busy. Cut over to the stores and I noticed a lady cleaning a window and inquired about taking photo for our Nanakuli Ridge blog. As per usual, and I cannot blame them, they assume it means money. So it will take a while for them to understand how this works. NO MONEY!

I went to Sack N Save and got my goodies, went home and got my camera and came back.

Kim Ae Suk, Angena, Andrew and Agnes Yoon

I got a good picture of the group and I was on my way home when I realized I didn't get the name of the place and then I thought why not a picture of the front?

So you can see where you are at in Nanakuli Ridge.

Pub's Side Note: If you are not riding the buses any more we can all understand,  it is just terrible to see old ladies riding standing up all the way to town. The department of transportation used to have a good reputation but not anymore. Get rid of them.