Friday, September 28, 2012

VA and Nanakuli

Woke up late but I had a cuppa coffee and a snack and I was on my way to the VA at Tripler. Lucky to get a seat,  but the bus was crowded in a hurry. Guy on a wheel chair was told to wait for the next bus, because no room. This is no way to get the people off their cars and onto public transportation. All the surveys they make and none of them know what "comfortable" and "uncomfortable" public transportation is.

 "There is no failure except in no longer trying."

Got to Tripler just fine, and took my blood test. Then went over to specialties and got my shoe pads for my plantar facilitis. Then had to wait to see my Doctor for the regular visit. They called me in about 1:20, and nurse took my vitals, then they gave me a flu shot. The Doctor exam was over fast, I am all right so far, and got out about 2:15 and the next bus is at 3:15.

"How High The Moon"  ...  Les Paul and Mary Ford

So I rode my bike (down hill all the way) to Salt Lake and waited for the first bus. The number 3, took me to Vineyard and Palama and I waited there for the #93, that got there about 3:15. It gets on freeway all the way to Honokai Hale, from there it is a short ride to Nanakuli. Got the bike off the bus and on the way home, Jeffrey and Carla had the family there and we are lucky to get this picture.

Carmelo, Jazo, Nay, Jeffery, Hermz, Chez and Carla

From there it was home, a good lunch, and checked my computer for emails. I was tired and sleepy so I took a nap. Then got on the work at hand.

Pub's Side Note: Just read Cayetano's new plan for rapid transportation and it really looks good. Cost about a fifth of the Rail, less money grubbers. The "party of the rich" is against it naturally.