Monday, September 17, 2012

Pau with da computer system

Churches are well known to be slow on picking up donations. So I called two this morning, Monday, the 17th. I expected one of them to call by tomorrow. Amazing, the Nanaikepono Protestant Church just down the street from here picked up the entire system today at a little after 1:00 PM. I hope it helps somewhere in their ministry.

"Kindness is the golden chain to which society is bound together."

All of us in the vicinity of Nanakuli Ridge should participate in helping each other out. I think we should be a community and be aware of our friends and neighbors. Some have been helping with complaints about the bus in the Waianae Coast. It just may do some good. Most of the time they just overlook this section and the people don't count.

Let them know and vote for Ben Cayetano, the no nonsense mayor. He will not be running for Governor first chance he gets.  Been there, done that. Icing on the cake, he may be able to stop the Rail and get the bus service not only to what it was before but probably something better. And he is not beholden to those guy$ with the Big Buck$.