Monday, September 3, 2012

My Next Door Neighbors

The usual nice Sunday morning, I woke up late and got on my computer. Got about half the blog done on the Dance of Saturday Night at Aliamanu Intermediate by Dance Hawaii. Then I heard the noises next door. Hey, there were people, sounds good.

"It is not easy to find happiness in ourselves, and it is not possible elsewhere."

After I while I called down to Ernest and asked what time pau. I told him I would be there. Got there a little after ten and everyone seemed to be enjoying themselves, good christian friendship and doing work for their church.

Got a couple of good photos, said hello to my friends, I am getting to know a few.

And finally met the pastor, seems like a very nice person, and I look forward to helping wherever I can. So we go one step at a time. Got my Android back from Jason, have to find out about the battery on that thing. Then I took it back home and got some caps. Came back downstairs and got another couple photos and then a nice quotation from Aaron Banes.

What is important too, is they know they are working together for the benefit of all.

"Our work today at our community center was neither the beginning nor the end. It was the continuation of the faith in God and what He is doing. But, of course, faith without work is dead. So today, we came together and worked pulling nails and preparing the wood for the building, talking and thinking of the plan to come. God has been so plentiful in His overflowing resources and opportunities we have had. And we believe what he starts will be finished."
Aaron Banes.

Pub's Side Note: This blog will reopen. We cannot stop the blog spam this way. They will eventually leave when they get no response. I must just ignore them and hope they will go away soon, so that we can have accurate stats.