Saturday, September 29, 2012

Moving Right Along

Went to sleep late and woke up late. Got on the computer to see what was doing. Few emails, and I did a little computer clean up. Made myself a nice breakfast and notice the noise next door. My friends at the Nanakuli Ridge Lumber Yard working up a storm.

I got most of my morning work done, My dance blogs are really moving up in hits. Very slowly, but everyday up just a little. Rome was not built in a day. I went over to the church workers to get rid of an old phone and maybe get a photo, a little after noon and Kau Kau time. Maybe someone can use it.

Terri, Marc, Gabriel, Alma, Jason, Gabe and Lorenzo

I usually can get a nice quote from one of the church members:
"It's a joy to serve God! Join us in the blessing every Saturday except the first Saturday of every month. This community center will serve all of the beautiful people of the Waianae Coast."

Pub's Side Note: "Nothing ever built arose to touch the skies unless some person dreamed that it should, some person believed that it could and some persons willed that it must."