Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Laptop Computer For Sale

Acer laptop computer, rarely used with Vista OS. I bought it for long term to use on my trips back from Honolulu, but it was a little heavy and clumsy and not easily to use in the crowded seats on the bus. I even bought an extra battery which has never been used.

"Everyone has a photographic memory. Some just need
to have a new memory card installed."

Original cost was 660 dollars so a good price to start the bidding should be about 1/3 or $220 dollars starting from September 26th and it will go down in price $5 per day. Nice game to play. When and if it gets to $95, all bets are off the table and I will donate the works to some worthy organization like I did with the last computer. The readers made the decision.

I just bought a Toshiba with Windows 7, much lighter, smaller screen so I have to use my glasses but I can put my music in, use my earphones and I have some room to do some poster designing on the way home from town.

"Somewhere Over The Rainbow" ... Iz

Otherwise, this blog will stay pretty numb until the hits come down to about ten average per day and then I will start blogging all over again and try to find some information and photo contributors. Perhaps even a Guest Author or two.