Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Good Day

We are working slowly but surely. As old as we are, we are in no hurry. So, today Wednesday, I went first to the Crafts meeting at the courtyard Room. Apparently I have not made my email available enough. Although my spam is hitting a new low, which is good. So I have sent an invitation to Pat to be a Guest Author in the Nanakuli Ridge blog. Once she gets going you can get most information about Nanaikeola Senior Apartments through her blogging. And you can certainly get your information in too.

Standing: Joe, Pat and Subie. Seated: Teodora, Leo, Jeanna, Kathy and Emily.
We are gradually getting a good friendly crowd that can work together.

Then I went over to Kokua Mau, nice people there, and I can always help. Yvonne and I discussed the caps. This time I talked Android with Roy and perhaps he can help me with the battery on my Android tablet. And perhaps teach me how to get music onto the machine.

Started off with a small group but soon got more. The more the merrier
if I can get them all in. I should do this more often.

Little by little, Nanakuli Ridge people are forming in a group to help each other. Why not?  We must make every effort to respect the wishes of those that are not interested. We must not waste their time or ours and we have so many others to help.

This is the latest news on the computer for sale. I am hard of hearing but the silence has been deafening. Today is September 5th and the price for today is $155. The game rules call for bringing the price down $5 every day. Therefore, when it gets down to $95 on Monday, September 17th, the issue will be in doubt. I plan on donating it to one of our local schools on that day. I will begin in the morning to make my phone calls and I should find someone before noon. It will have been a nice game while it lasted.

The biggest organizations have been Nanaikeola Senior Apartments and there is connection there with a church. Then there has been Kokua Mau and the Church building next door. There may be others that have seen the blog and maybe don't believe it, so they have to learn, like everyone else. I mean it and there may be other deals, run the same way. I would rather not give away, it is better to let it go down to a ridiculous price and then let them realize it later.