Saturday, September 29, 2012

Moving Right Along

Went to sleep late and woke up late. Got on the computer to see what was doing. Few emails, and I did a little computer clean up. Made myself a nice breakfast and notice the noise next door. My friends at the Nanakuli Ridge Lumber Yard working up a storm.

I got most of my morning work done, My dance blogs are really moving up in hits. Very slowly, but everyday up just a little. Rome was not built in a day. I went over to the church workers to get rid of an old phone and maybe get a photo, a little after noon and Kau Kau time. Maybe someone can use it.

Terri, Marc, Gabriel, Alma, Jason, Gabe and Lorenzo

I usually can get a nice quote from one of the church members:
"It's a joy to serve God! Join us in the blessing every Saturday except the first Saturday of every month. This community center will serve all of the beautiful people of the Waianae Coast."

Pub's Side Note: "Nothing ever built arose to touch the skies unless some person dreamed that it should, some person believed that it could and some persons willed that it must."

Friday, September 28, 2012

VA and Nanakuli

Woke up late but I had a cuppa coffee and a snack and I was on my way to the VA at Tripler. Lucky to get a seat,  but the bus was crowded in a hurry. Guy on a wheel chair was told to wait for the next bus, because no room. This is no way to get the people off their cars and onto public transportation. All the surveys they make and none of them know what "comfortable" and "uncomfortable" public transportation is.

 "There is no failure except in no longer trying."

Got to Tripler just fine, and took my blood test. Then went over to specialties and got my shoe pads for my plantar facilitis. Then had to wait to see my Doctor for the regular visit. They called me in about 1:20, and nurse took my vitals, then they gave me a flu shot. The Doctor exam was over fast, I am all right so far, and got out about 2:15 and the next bus is at 3:15.

"How High The Moon"  ...  Les Paul and Mary Ford

So I rode my bike (down hill all the way) to Salt Lake and waited for the first bus. The number 3, took me to Vineyard and Palama and I waited there for the #93, that got there about 3:15. It gets on freeway all the way to Honokai Hale, from there it is a short ride to Nanakuli. Got the bike off the bus and on the way home, Jeffrey and Carla had the family there and we are lucky to get this picture.

Carmelo, Jazo, Nay, Jeffery, Hermz, Chez and Carla

From there it was home, a good lunch, and checked my computer for emails. I was tired and sleepy so I took a nap. Then got on the work at hand.

Pub's Side Note: Just read Cayetano's new plan for rapid transportation and it really looks good. Cost about a fifth of the Rail, less money grubbers. The "party of the rich" is against it naturally.

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Laptop Computer For Sale

Acer laptop computer, rarely used with Vista OS. I bought it for long term to use on my trips back from Honolulu, but it was a little heavy and clumsy and not easily to use in the crowded seats on the bus. I even bought an extra battery which has never been used.

"Everyone has a photographic memory. Some just need
to have a new memory card installed."

Original cost was 660 dollars so a good price to start the bidding should be about 1/3 or $220 dollars starting from September 26th and it will go down in price $5 per day. Nice game to play. When and if it gets to $95, all bets are off the table and I will donate the works to some worthy organization like I did with the last computer. The readers made the decision.

I just bought a Toshiba with Windows 7, much lighter, smaller screen so I have to use my glasses but I can put my music in, use my earphones and I have some room to do some poster designing on the way home from town.

"Somewhere Over The Rainbow" ... Iz

Otherwise, this blog will stay pretty numb until the hits come down to about ten average per day and then I will start blogging all over again and try to find some information and photo contributors. Perhaps even a Guest Author or two.

Sunday, September 23, 2012

Trouble happens

First thing I checked was that apparently Annette never got her invitation and it was removed by blogger after so many days. Then Jason Dela Cuadra who had been accepted and never posted was also removed. Then I met Pat and she said she was notified that her deal had expired. I checked and couldn't find anything. So I reinstated her, as Administrator and hope she can do something with that.

Otherwise there is nothing doing here and the hits are coming down. They are now at about 17 average hits per day. I may wait until they get down to 10 and then start all over again getting some action into this blog.

Monday, September 17, 2012

Pau with da computer system

Churches are well known to be slow on picking up donations. So I called two this morning, Monday, the 17th. I expected one of them to call by tomorrow. Amazing, the Nanaikepono Protestant Church just down the street from here picked up the entire system today at a little after 1:00 PM. I hope it helps somewhere in their ministry.

"Kindness is the golden chain to which society is bound together."

All of us in the vicinity of Nanakuli Ridge should participate in helping each other out. I think we should be a community and be aware of our friends and neighbors. Some have been helping with complaints about the bus in the Waianae Coast. It just may do some good. Most of the time they just overlook this section and the people don't count.

Let them know and vote for Ben Cayetano, the no nonsense mayor. He will not be running for Governor first chance he gets.  Been there, done that. Icing on the cake, he may be able to stop the Rail and get the bus service not only to what it was before but probably something better. And he is not beholden to those guy$ with the Big Buck$.

Friday, September 14, 2012

The Computer System

Latest statistics on the computer for sale to the "first come, first serve." One Computer, EMachine, keyboard and Mouse, One LCD Monitor with swinging arm bracket, a color printer and a scanner.

All in working order. Original Cost $1000. A good price would have been half price at $500, I started at $250 with the stipulation that it would come down in price $5 per day. It has been a good game even for those that did not play the game.

"Hope is patience with the lamp lit."

Today, Friday, the 14th the price is $110 and it will keep going down $5 everyday until Monday. Monday the price will be $95 and you can buy it if you communicate before I make contact with the Catholic Church or Nanakuli Intermediate for a donation and they will pick it up. Once I have given my word all bets are off. I will begin making my phone calls at 9:00 AM.

There will be another deal the same way later on. But then more people will know. Honesty is the best policy.

Pub's Side Note, Monday, September 17th, the computer system going to Samoan Wesleyan Church or to Nanaikepono Protestant Church, first come, first serve. Mahalo.

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Nanaikeola Senior Beach Picnic August 31st

Aunty Jeanna

Emily, Bobbie and Mitch

Praying that it would not rain, it turned out to be a very beautiful day after all.  We all started heading across the street to the beach and started pitching the canopies.  Brandon was so gracious in doing the grilling.  We had a lot of food, BBQ chicken, noodles, hot dogs, steaks, potato salad, shrimp and rice.  Millie and Brandon did some fishing while the rest of us sat and talked story.  There were a total of 19 attendees.  Thank you everyone who came and made this day full of fun and relaxation.

Good Day

We are working slowly but surely. As old as we are, we are in no hurry. So, today Wednesday, I went first to the Crafts meeting at the courtyard Room. Apparently I have not made my email available enough. Although my spam is hitting a new low, which is good. So I have sent an invitation to Pat to be a Guest Author in the Nanakuli Ridge blog. Once she gets going you can get most information about Nanaikeola Senior Apartments through her blogging. And you can certainly get your information in too.

Standing: Joe, Pat and Subie. Seated: Teodora, Leo, Jeanna, Kathy and Emily.
We are gradually getting a good friendly crowd that can work together.

Then I went over to Kokua Mau, nice people there, and I can always help. Yvonne and I discussed the caps. This time I talked Android with Roy and perhaps he can help me with the battery on my Android tablet. And perhaps teach me how to get music onto the machine.

Started off with a small group but soon got more. The more the merrier
if I can get them all in. I should do this more often.

Little by little, Nanakuli Ridge people are forming in a group to help each other. Why not?  We must make every effort to respect the wishes of those that are not interested. We must not waste their time or ours and we have so many others to help.

This is the latest news on the computer for sale. I am hard of hearing but the silence has been deafening. Today is September 5th and the price for today is $155. The game rules call for bringing the price down $5 every day. Therefore, when it gets down to $95 on Monday, September 17th, the issue will be in doubt. I plan on donating it to one of our local schools on that day. I will begin in the morning to make my phone calls and I should find someone before noon. It will have been a nice game while it lasted.

The biggest organizations have been Nanaikeola Senior Apartments and there is connection there with a church. Then there has been Kokua Mau and the Church building next door. There may be others that have seen the blog and maybe don't believe it, so they have to learn, like everyone else. I mean it and there may be other deals, run the same way. I would rather not give away, it is better to let it go down to a ridiculous price and then let them realize it later.

Monday, September 3, 2012

My Next Door Neighbors

The usual nice Sunday morning, I woke up late and got on my computer. Got about half the blog done on the Dance of Saturday Night at Aliamanu Intermediate by Dance Hawaii. Then I heard the noises next door. Hey, there were people, sounds good.

"It is not easy to find happiness in ourselves, and it is not possible elsewhere."

After I while I called down to Ernest and asked what time pau. I told him I would be there. Got there a little after ten and everyone seemed to be enjoying themselves, good christian friendship and doing work for their church.

Got a couple of good photos, said hello to my friends, I am getting to know a few.

And finally met the pastor, seems like a very nice person, and I look forward to helping wherever I can. So we go one step at a time. Got my Android back from Jason, have to find out about the battery on that thing. Then I took it back home and got some caps. Came back downstairs and got another couple photos and then a nice quotation from Aaron Banes.

What is important too, is they know they are working together for the benefit of all.

"Our work today at our community center was neither the beginning nor the end. It was the continuation of the faith in God and what He is doing. But, of course, faith without work is dead. So today, we came together and worked pulling nails and preparing the wood for the building, talking and thinking of the plan to come. God has been so plentiful in His overflowing resources and opportunities we have had. And we believe what he starts will be finished."
Aaron Banes.

Pub's Side Note: This blog will reopen. We cannot stop the blog spam this way. They will eventually leave when they get no response. I must just ignore them and hope they will go away soon, so that we can have accurate stats.

Saturday, September 1, 2012

Malware, referrals

Sorry but this blog will be suspended for ten days hoping to get rid of one of the worst blog spam hitter in the business. I believe they are Russian based. Meanwhile, I will use Dancer - West blog to update the price on the Computer.

Will try again on the tenth of September. And check it out.