Saturday, August 11, 2012

My Next Door Neighbors

I awoke late as per usual and got on my computer. Did not hear much noise until after nine. The church building next door.

"Too many people use religion as a bus - they ride it only when it is going their way."

So I finished up some work and went over and found Ernest and Joe working on the grounds. I explained wanting to get a photo and also that perhaps they could help me get some 2 x 4 material. I can just nail it together and make my bed frame with space underneath for storage. They are good Christians and gave me hope, told me to bring the list.

Joe, Alma,  Ernest, Gardenia and Jason. Two photos but I am still making mistakes.
I will never be a photographer but maybe I can be a picture taker.

Later about one PM, I spotted them at Kau Kau time and I went and got the cake I wanted at Sack N Save. Too much for me, so I took it home and cut myself a quarter of it and took the rest for the gang. By that time Gardenia had joined them and I gave Alma the list and assured me that they may have some time to cut it for me. Got the above pictures.

Pau Hana and the solid Anchors leave: Jason, Alma and Ernest

I had gotten my Android and took it to Jason and hoped he could get it going. I want to be able to get music on it first. Then later see if I can get DVD movie on it. Whatever, we seem to be establishing the fact that we can help each other. Maybe we can get the computer system to the right person yet.

Pau Hana Prayer: What a blessed day. We were able to accomplish a lot today. Our sewage pipes were installed and we picked up an abundance of lumber. God is  Good ... All the time.