Tuesday, August 7, 2012


People in Nanakuli are having a hard time competing in the job market and most of the job market is in town. So they're forced to go out on their own and people of all ages are doing it. Some people are just not good employees and don't like working for anyone else, and essentially unemployable as a result. Most are not interested in building a huge business. They just want to do something to pay the bills, and they learn as they go along. Eventually, in Nanakuli, I came to see entrepreneurship as a positive force for good and a way to change our kuleana.

"The love in your heart wasn't put there to stay. Love isn't love until you give it away."

Entrepreneur is a very broad term. There have always been entrepreneurs, and people have always worked for themselves. I have lived in other parts of the world and seen many places where everyone's an entrepreneur because there's no formal employment as such. In lots of the developing world, you're responsible for yourself, therefore you're an entrepreneur.
In the US, "entrepreneur" gets equated with Silicon Valley, angel investors and venture capital. But that's just one story of entrepreneurship. We do not have anything to add or detract from the story, because we don't know enough about it. What we do know is this microbusiness revolution with five or fewer employees as a going thing. And we are going to help each other in Nanakuli.

"Stranger In Paradise"  ... Tony Martin

The use of Advertising is rarely used by small business. In getting your information in this blog it is really communication to our fellow reader/residents and everyone becomes more aware of the existence of these small operators. Once per month would do nicely to begin with. Read it and use it. There is a Mini Web site on the side bar, look into it. It is free for our friends. We just need more contact.

Pub's Side Note: Maybe I can make a deal to use some of that lumber at the church building to make a frame for my bed. I don't have a good saw, so I would have to get it cut. Anybody?