Thursday, August 16, 2012

Craft Day

Got up a little late on Thursday, but just fine to eat breakfast, do my computer work and make it before noon to the Community Room on the first floor of the Nanaikeola  Senior Apartments.

"A blog is a something like a Website, except that it is frequently updated and the
contents are posted in Chronological order and are presented to the visitors in
reverse Chronological order. Links in the side bar to other blogs are also given."

Waited awhile and then I thought I could talk to Kokua Mao about getting someone to help with the cap titles. Then went back home, got another cap and went back downstairs. This time Pat was there and I was able to communicate. She will try to see what we can do. Meanwhile I took the opportunity to take a photo.

Millie, Joe, Pat, Fina and Jeanna, the ever faithfuls.

I take all my photos with a digital camera. No film. No negatives. The photos are posted on the Internet in the Nanakuli Ridge blog. Anyone with a computer can copy any picture onto their computer. Then they can print it their own printer or have it printed in a photo shop as a regular photo. With all the photos I take. it is quite impossible for me to get everyone into a regular photo.

Pub's Side Note: The bus service may get worse, they have to use the money to advertise the Rail. Estimated costs now going up to ten billion dollars. Big, Big Bucks in profits for a few. And now the entire island has to pay for it. Lucky people.