Friday, August 17, 2012

Computer System For Sale

OK, most people know that I have been trying but I was not getting results. Yes, I have been informed that if I was selling it, it would  be a much easier.  What an an idea, amazing!

"You can't take it with you but that is about the only place you can go without it."

So I have decided to sell it, and all bets are off the table. The entire enchilada cost almost one thousand dollars. So if I start with 250 dollars for the whole shebang, it should not be too bad. Starts today, August 17th. It will go down in price five dollars every day. until it is sold. On September 1st it should be at $170 and we have a nice game to play.

Whoever get its should be able to set it up with the help of friends, however I can help if need be. You get the computer, the keyboard and mouse and the monitor with a swivel arm, so that you can attach it to a desk or table top and move it around. It has Vista Operating System. I have Windows 7 on my new computer which is not that much better.

I will include, Print Shop, Photo Shop Elements and Page maker desktop publishing programs. You can delete them if you are not interested. I just hope somebody in Nanakuli Ridge gets it. I will run the update price on the side bar.

Pub's Side Note: If I had to define what a blog is now, in 2012, I’d say that blogs are an early 21st-century version of the public town square. Humans have always had a need for social contact and for information and in Nanakuli Ridge our blog provides a platform for both.