Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Bed Frame and Computer

Saturday everything went like clockwork from the moment I got up. Wasn't hungry and did not have breakfast until ten. I could hear the guys at the church lumber yard working and I had to get over there.

"Tomorrow is simply an extension of today and likely will not be any
better or worse than today - unless we make it so."

I went over close to the end of lunch and my frame cuts had been made. Some one has said it, "God is wonderful, but takes his people to do the work." Jason helped over with the lumber. And he could see how I had my apartment set up. In a shambles but I am working on it.

Notified Blogger to send him an invitation but he did not accept. I will have them send him another. It used to be easy before, maybe now a lot of red tape. Programmers get worse everyday.

I bought the nails today and I will make the construction tomorrow, then if it works I will have to find a way to cover it with some dark coloring. Then I came across some containers in Kapolei that would fit perfectly underneath and I could just attach handles to pull them out. Over carpet so it would be relatively easy.

"Morning Dew" ... Melveen Leed

Then I got a new game going, and only one person is going to play it to the end. I have tried many ways to donate my used computer system to someone to no avail. So I will sell it and the price will be determined by the one that buys it. E machine CPU, large LCD monitor, with adjustable arm. keyboard and mouse, printer and scanner. On the market it should be worth twice the amount set.

I set the price at 250 dollars on August 17th. The price will drop five dollars a day until it is sold. So everyone will have enough time to think about it. On Monday 27, the price will be 200 dollars. But be careful, and inquire, wherever. Wait a while, don't be in such a hurry, talk it over with your friends, somebody will get it at a good price. Hopefully it will remain in Nanakuli Ridge. I was ignored and it is no longer free, I make the rules and they have been changed.