Saturday, July 21, 2012

Wake Up

Woke up to the usual noise of workers on Saturday morning. The volunteer workers on the church building. I took my time working on my emails, house chores, breakfast and had nice morning.
"Who can suffer while roses bloom? - Don't dream it, be it -
My happiness depends on me."

I wanted to get a photo of the Malasadas but they were not there. Perhaps they will be there tomorrow. Being on the bike because I have difficulty walking, I rode around to the church and I took a few photos there. A nice lady there too pounding away with a hammer.

Work for the Lord. The pay isn't much but the retirement is out of this world.

Went back home and came back about Kau Kau time and Ernest explained to me about some new action in the plumbing. I hope he can get somebody to write it up for me to publish in the blog. Would be of interest not only to the church people but also to the vicinity.

But I got a photo of the table, a feast for a King, and Queen.

Alma, Ernest, JP, Larry, John and Terri

I have got to confer with somebody to help me donate my old computer to someone that needs it and can really use it. It is still in good working condition and it has Vista Operating System. My new computer has Windows 7 which is not that much better but I already have it.