Wednesday, July 11, 2012


Tuesday and I am still having my troubles walking. My Plantar Facilitis is  breaking out. I am waiting for notice from the VA to get an interview with a Podiatrist this week. I have tried the stretching exercises and it works for a while, then returns. I have tried to rest it and it works for a while, then returns. I just bought a night splint and it worked for a while then returned.

"Almost every comment on the blogs that we have received has proved interesting —
even if they’re critical, you want to engage with them. We get very little spam."

I took a nice walk to Sack N Save with my new heel cups and they seemed to work very nicely. A couple hours later, I got up from the computer and it was more painful than ever. For now I will rest it until Wednesday.

Meanwhile, next door to Stella's Hair Salon, I came across a new promotion office for Ben Cayetano and talked it over with a couple guys.

Got a photo naturally and I will have something more in here later. We should all know that the "Guv" Ben can run Honolulu a lot better than any of the others running for mayor. Also he is not beholden to any group$ to back up him in his run for Governor. "Been there, done that."

Photo on the right. Robert Ebanez and Duke Kiaaina, running the office. Quote from Robert, "Aloha No, from Ben Cayetano office."

The icing on the cake is that he cannot be bought by the Rail Billion$. He understands that Carlisle has just screwed up the bus system, something terrible. Does Carlisle "know" anything about that old lady that now has to ride the C bus from Waianae all the way to town, "standing up," the buses so crowded. Can he hear all the people thinking, "Man, when I get my car." Many are saying that out loud. How about the schools kids? They are not as dumb as he thinks.

"Somewhere Over The Rainbow" ... Iz

Those big shots don't understand any of that. They are just do as they are told by the Big Buck$. The poor people? "Let them eat cake."

"Ever notice how many people are mistaken at the top of their voice?
Now you've heard them."

Didja know you can register to vote by email. Use your head, Red. I would like to see Ben win with 90% of the vote. The others can split the rest. I am sure glad that Nanakuli is perking up in that. We are going to be careful with the "party of the rich."