Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Good News

Everything in my life ebbs and flows. There is certain rhythm that there is a time when I get my highs and of course time when I get the "odder kine."

"I ride the storm, maybe not cheering wildly, but I can gather strength
from the storm knowing that it will subside."

My connections on Nanakuli Super parking lot have been a little slow since my neice Yvonne and her daughter Bridgit left but I expected it. Then my entire blogosphere has been going down in hits.  My plantar faciliitis on my left foot has been worse and I have difficulty walking. Wow!

Then, I finally made contact with the VA for an appointment next month with a podiatrist. I got on the Internet and got a few hints which seem to be working out to that I can walk a little less painfully. It is looking better this week.

"My Way" ... Frank Sinatra

I got a good photo at Napa, and a nice write up for a blog, and they are sure nice people. Then this Saturday, I got some good photos of the church volunteers next door and made a nice blog and the hits are going up.

So things were looking better, then today I received an email from my neice Yvonne and it not only made my day, but the rest of the month. I have been cutting down on my drinking, for medical reasons, but today, I am going to have a Rum and Coke. With that nice email, I want to tell everyone, I deserve it.

"Grant that I may bring no tear to any eye - When this year in time shall end -
Let it be said I've played the friend, - Have lived and loved and labored here, -
And made of it a happy year for all."